PHOTOS: dot429’s StraightTalk LGBT Conference

Johnny Weir with former America’s Next Top Model judge, J. Alexander

The three day conference StraightTalk was held at New York’s Tribeca Grand this weekend, organized by LGBT social network, dot429. The conference kicked off Friday with panels featuring out former football player Wade Davis and activist  Zach Wahls followed by a cocktail reception hosted by champion skater Johnny Weir.

StraightTalk culminated with the Anti-Bully Project, a pro-social initiative designed to bring together concerned members from the LGBTA community to take a stand against bullying.

“As successful professionals, the members of dot429 know that life gets better,” said Richard Klein, CEO of dot429. “However, we also know how incredibly traumatic dealing with high school bullying can be.  We want to help empower LGBT kids with tools and resources to live and grow in the safe environment all kids deserve.”



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