PHOTOS: When Pride Takes Over, Antwerp Becomes Even More Beautiful


Get a local in Antwerp, Belgium talking about the city, and the word “pride” is bound to come up. Certainly, there is much to be proud of. The stunningly beautiful port city attracts visitors from around the globe with its dramatic architecture, friendly cafe culture and world-class fashion. It also happens to be the diamond capital of the world, though the city itself manages to compete admirably with the coveted gems for which shines brightest.

So it only makes sense that when the annual LGBTQ pride rolls around in August, the already gay-friendly city beams in celebration.

This year over 120,000 people participated in the festival, including a courageous delegation of refugees who marched alongside the tourists, performers and locals.

Check out some photos below, and head here for more info on gay life in Antwerp.

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