PHOTOS: Theo James’ Sexy “Golden Boy” Ad Threatens To Kill Distracted Times Square Pedestrians

theo james

PHOTOS: Theo James, a.k.a. Downton Abbey‘s poor Mr. Pamuk, has landed on this side of the pond as the star of CBS’ new cop drama, Golden Boy. It looks like a fairly routine grumpy-old-cop/young-brash cop match up—with the distinct difference that CBS is totally playing up how hot the 28-year-old Greek-Brit is. (Hey, Thomas the Butler knows how to pick ’em.)

Last week, we saw a giant jumbo-screen in Times Square at the corner of 42nd Street and Eighth Avenue was screening clips from Golden Boy—including one of James unbuckling his pants—and nearly walked into oncoming traffic!

They really need to put a warning on those things.

Golden Boy premieres February 26 on CBS. Watch the debut episode online now.

Theo James and Chi McBride in “Golden Boy”



Theo James In



Theo James in “Bedlam”



“Downton Abbey”


As Mr Pamuk in
As Mr Pamuk in “Downton Abbey”



Theo James