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PHOTOS: Why Does Adam Lambert Have a Breast In His Mouth?


What could elicit more gay shrieks than learning Adam Lambert and Lady Gag were in the same studio together? How about seeing Adam Lambert suckle on a teet?

Lambert’s much-buzzed-about Details magazine spread is finally here, and things have never looked straighter. Which is bizarre — for a gay man featured in a gay magazine. But hey, this is how you get people talking!


Things get NSFW on the next pages. They also get much, much butcher.

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  • Lex

    I love how his ‘fans’ have made his entire career about his sexuality and not about his music.

    I rarely here anything about his songs anymore, just how he kissed his boyfriend in public, or sucked some chick’s tits…awesome.

  • Miss Kay

    Most of Adam’s fans are interested in his music first — the fact that he is sexy, attractive, intelligent, self-assured, witty and humble are just part of his X plus to me! And what’s wrong with admiring an attractive man anyway?

  • Dorena

    If you read the article the whole point is sexy is sexy regardless of whether Adam is gay or straight. Women are responding to Adam’s sexuality as a wildly sexy man. These pics are depicting the fantasy and Adam is happy to oblige.

  • Rebecca

    Music is number one for the majority of his fans-have you checked the itunes and Amazon charts for his single lately? We have just grown to appreciate him as a person as well as the amazing entertainer that he is. It’s the gossip blogs that tend to worry about the other stuff.

  • alan brickman

    he’s very good looking…and could probably have both sexes..if he wanted to….

  • Bob

    Now that he’s famous, is he going to try to bat for the other team? If so F*** him. We need positive gay role models not this type of crap!

  • alan brickman

    gossip blogs are full of “fringe gays” who do nothing but bitch…

  • mikeandrewsdantescove

    I heard Adam’s first single off the debut album yesterday and was expecting something exciting on the level of Lady Gaga. Instead it’s played to some horse race.


  • To Mike

    That´s not his first single off the debut album, is the single for the 2012 movie soundtrack.

  • Josh

    @Bob– Read the damn article before judging!!!

    The article is about how he has become a sex symbol for women and how women want to have sex with him even though they know he is gay!!

    He is not trying to be straight. He talks about being gay and references his ex-boyfriend and his current boyfriend in the article!!

    @Mike– the “Time for Miracles” song is for the 2012 soundtrack and while it may end up on his album too he has said that it is NOT indicative of what the rest of the album sounds like.

  • Alexa

    Nobody cares what the article says, all most people see are the photos, and the photos pretty much suck (no pun intended). What kind of a message is this sending? It’s OK to be gay but let’s ignore that and pretend to be straight to keep the fangirls happy. Lovely. Add that to the craptastic movie song and I’m not exactly feeling the Adam love right now (and before anyone accuses me of being a hater, I loved him on American Idol). The Lady Gaga news is very encouraging, though, so I’m still hopeful the album will kick ass.

  • wmcarpenter

    Dude looks like Danny Zuko.

  • Republican


  • Josh

    @Alexa– the message it is sending is that openly gay actors and musicians can still appeal to the opposite sex and still have a career.

    Hollywood has pressured actors and musicians in the past to stay in the closet because they were afraid that they would lose their female fan base.

    Neil Patrick Harris and Adam Lambert are demolishing that way of thinking.

    I bet we will see Adam posing in racy photos with males in the future too. Besides he does hold his boyfriends hand and kiss his boyfriend in public and in front of paparazzi’s frequently.

    Anyways the female model in this photo shoot represents his female fans and their fantasy!!

  • Bubba in TX

    Really? You think Adam will be suckling some man’s teat in a glossy anytime in the near future? Dream on!

    Say all you will about how Adam and NPH are breaking down barriers for gay celebrities…because it’s true. But although the media will talk about their personal lives more freely, we’re a long way away from seeing in-your-face portrayals of same-sex attraction in mainstream publications.

    And while we’re at it, where are the pictures of Jon Hamm or Channing Tatum (just two names I came up with off the top of my head) making out with a guy in a magazine? You know, just to show that even though they are straight they can still appeal to gay audiences?

  • romeo


    We don’t live in a literate society. Pictures always overwhelm words. Anyone who’s had experience with media manipulation knows what that photo shoot was intended to accomplish. Presumably the rationalization of doing this “straight woman’s fantasy about gay men” is to give an excuse to provide something entertaining for the straight men that read Details (?) LOL. But, c’mon, Mr. Fierce is obviously getting cold feet and turning into the same-old same-old in Hollywood.

    I’ve been a big fan and defender of this guy because of his voice and because I really thought he was going to be something different and make a badly needed difference. He was the one that said he was going to be different in that regard, after all. The stated purpose of that photo shoot could have been accomplished in a less hypocritically pandering way, but he’s free to do as he pleases. And so are people like me, who buy the kind of music he wants to do. I can think of two reasons his eyes are closed in all the shots. One, so you can’t see the dollar signs where his corneas used to be, and the other, well, in deference to all the straight female fans that will be cramming in here to shout down the gay guys criticism, which will give you the truth about what they really think about gay guys, I’ll spare them the second reason his eyes are closed.

    Fierce my ass.

  • Josh

    @ 10, etc:

    Wow, I can’t believe some people would criticize the fact that he’s with a woman in the photos as not being gay enough. He’s very openly gay. I think being provocative with a woman in photos in an artistic way is actually a fascinating move, because it blurs lines, and serves to be a statement about sexuality. It portrays a gay man playing a heterosexual role, it shows that the difference between a gay man and a straight man is more complicated than people who want to chalk it up to sin or flamboyancy.

    Now, past that, Adam Lambert is extremely talented. Personally, it’s not the type of music I prefer, but I can absolutely respect it, and the hard work he’s gone through to get his vocal range where it is.

    Also, I can’t help to notice the comments surrounding Lady GaGa, most people calling her awful, slutty, stupid. Come on, she’s a fantastic pianist, she designs half the clothing she wears, she works hard at choreography and trying to impress her fans. Why are we such bullies about this? We, the bullied become so critical of other people?

  • Bubba in TX


    Again, I’ll be more impressed when there is a photo shoot where a straight man plays a homosexual role in a photo spread. Why should we be the ones to fulfill some fantasy that we could–maybe, just maybe–switch teams if the right hottie comes along?

    I’m all for blurring the lines, but gay men pretending to be straight is nothing new. Time to move on.

  • Kris

    Wow. The fifth picture. Usually I don’t find this dude very attractive, but that fifth picture…yes please.

  • Ash


    Because he’s Adam Lambert, the hottest most fierce mofo on the planet!

  • romeo

    Suspect we’ll see a lot of women signing on here using men’s names. I think there already are ! LMAO

  • Bianca

    To all the gay guys that are going to blow a gasket about these photos – he is NOT turning straight any time soon (meaning in this lifetime, lol). READ THE ARTICLE, guys! It’s about how he’s turned into a sex symbol and a fantasy for women which is a great thing and something new. Never before have women lusted after an openly gay star! That’s why you have half of HW’s heartthrobs in the closet (and it’s similar in the music world).

    He say in the interview (paraphrasing)”it’s just a fantasy. I’m cool with it. I’m flattered but it’s never gonna happen”.

    Hopefully, he will change things for other gay singers/actors who can just do art without people seeing “gay” first and foremost and not accepting it.

  • Republican

    “Never before have women lusted after an openly gay star!”

    Surely this is a joke.

  • Bianca

    Why a joke, Republican??? I’m talking about women accepting an OPENLY GAY sexsymbol, not someone who claims they are straight and is “suspected”/rumored being gay.

    Do you have any examples to the contrary?

  • romeo

    Dear Bianca — nice try, but take a look at my post re: pictures vs. words in the media. Those pictures are saying to mainstream society “Adam Lambert agrees with us, gay guys should go straight.” The words in that article mean nothing.

    The guy has a great voice, but I’ve heard and read him in interviews, and he’s not a major intellect. It would probably help if he’d pause ten seconds before he leaped into things and gave it a little thought. Better still, he gets rid of the apparently old fashioned Hollywood lame-o’s he’s got advising him and found someone with some brains and cultural sensitivity.

    Whatever, the guy’s killed his career as far as I’m concerned. That shoot was just too fugly. And couldn’t they have gotten him a prettier model, or is she the only one that would agree to do it?

  • Beau

    I’m sorry, but he’s not sexy and he annoys the fuck out of me.


  • Alexis

    I love the concept of this photo shoot and article. It’s about breaking down boundaries and preconceptions…it says that sexuality is not black or white. It’s not one thing or the other sexy is sexy. Doesn’t matter who you are or who you do.

    I think that is an awesome, positive message and if you are offended by that in any way, you need to take a look at your own preconceptions and limiting definitions of sexuality.

  • Bianca

    Romeo, I respect your opinion but I disagree. He is VERY smart. I don’t know what your basing your opinion on when saying he’s not. To me, that’s a big part of his appeal.
    Look, I can understand people not liking his voice or his style. I can understand not being attracted to him whether you’re a gay man or a straight woman. Just b/c someone is regarded as sexy doesn’t mean everybody should find them so. I don’t find many of the straight sex symbols hot (Pitt, Cloony and many others. Yeah, I know Cloony is rumored to be gay. Whatever, makes no diff to me).
    I don’t understand the insults thrown at him on so many gay sites, though. You know they started at the beginning of season 8 and not now, just because he has a tit in his mouth.

    I just interpret the intentions behind this photoshoot differently than you do. Do I like the photos as a straight woman? Sure. They are sexy to me. Do I expect him to shag me any time soon? No. Do I expect him to “switch teams”? No. It’s fun, it’s sexy.

    I see it as a great thing that an openly gay man can pose like that and be believable. I hope it does open the door for all other gay singers and actors to just do their thing and not be boxed into the gay image.

    I also don’t understand the argument I see all over the place “until we see two straight stars making out and smooching in mag spreads, this doesn’t count”. How is that his responsibility?

  • romeo

    @ Bianca:

    BTW, are you so sure it’s a good or healthy thing that straight women are openly lusting after gay guys? And there’s nothing new about that either. Good looking gay guys have been putting up with that sh*t forever. And putting up with the consequences when they don’t reciprocate.

    Think about what you’re saying, Bianca.

  • kian

    I’m cognizant that many gay men feel they should never give in to non-gays when it comes to expressing your sexuality, but I think some of you may have swung too far to the other extreme. Must your world really be All-Gay-All-The-Time? Don’t you think that you might be missing out on some really good stuff because its not gay enough for you? Are you really going to reject every gay entertainer that’s not up to your standards?

    The fact that straight people seem to love him more than gay people is disturbing to me. To me this is just another example of gay-on-gay bashing and its sad.

  • Alexa

    Bianca, you are very naive. Adam is certainly not the first openly gay star to be lusted after by women, go visit any Clay board and you will find many women who think he is hot (it’s a complete myth that all his fans were homophobic right wing Christians, they were just the LOUDEST and most rabid segment of his fanbase). Neil Patrick Harris has a lot of women lusting after him, as does Lance Bass. I’m sure MORE women probably think Adam is hot, but he is certainly not the only one, or the first.

  • Bob

    Would k.d lang or Melissa Etheridge do these kinds of pictures with a guy to please their male fans? I don’t think so But it’s okay for a gay guy to stoop this low. Once again I say F**k him!

  • romeo

    way to miss the point, Kian. It is not a question of our wanting our world to be “all gay all the time.” We live in a world that is all straight all the time, with us trying to fit into it as best we can. All you’re saying in your post is that it would be better if we turn straight. As for gay entertainers and their standards, Lambert is the one who set the standard that it looks like he now wants to disown. I feel for him, I really do. But he was doing fine before that photo shoot. But from what I can see he’s put himself in an impossible position.

    When Lambert does something like that photo shoot, gay people have every right to take notice. After all, we’re the ones who really know what gay means. Straight people can’t even imagine, not really. You can shove your “gay-on-gay bashing.” And if you’re a straight woman lusting after Lambert, I’m not the sad one here.

  • Bianca

    Romeo, I don’t know what bad experiences you’ve had with women b/c you sound kind of bitter. What kind of foolish thing is saying “are you so sure it’s a good or healthy thing that straight women are openly lusting after gay guys?”??? What awful thing will happen if they do? You mean to tell you gay men never lust over straight male stars? Can you say that with a “straight” face? And if they do, so what??? You do realize it’s all a fantasy, right?

    When straight guys fantasize about Angie or Pamela or whoever, does it mean they stand the slightest chance? How is THAT different than the Adam situation?
    We are free people and fancy whoever we like. What exactly do you want? Do you think someone like Adam can become a star relying on gays only? Even if every gay man/woman were his fans, it still wouldn’t be enough to make him star but we know it’s far from being the case and all you have to do is read the gay forums in the past 7-8 months.

    If the situation had been the opposite and women didn’t accept Adam b/c “he’s so gay”, gays everywhere would have said “yeah, figures, those “fraus” can’t accept him because he’s gay. Bigots. Things will never change”. Women have responded to him from the very start of the show and that’s also “wrong” for some people (like you). What do you want???

    Alexa, those are BAD examples. Clay denied he was gay for 6 years! Allow me to shut up about his “sexappeal”.

    Bass was in the closet for a few years too, if I’m not mistaken.

    NPH was also in the closet for year, no?

    All these examples are irrelevant to Adam’s case because he was pretty much “gay” from the start and he still managed to succeed and become a sex symbol from the start and THAt is a new phenomenon.

  • Aa

    I LOVE when hot straight guys (or straight women) get oiled up and act homoerotically. Like Cindy Crawford’s famous photo shoot with kd lang. Or, er, trying to think of a gay example, Heath Ledger in Brokeback Mountain. So why can’t a gay icon get oiled up and pose heteroerotically?

    I have no problem with this. I’m a little “Huh, that’s kind of new,” but why object? His fans are going to love this, just like gay fans love when someone super hot goes gay for pay for a photo shoot or a role.

  • Alexa

    They are not bad examples, Bianca, they are perfectly good examples. You claimed Adam is the first openly gay star to have women lusting after him, and they are openly gay NOW and women still lust after them. And you may find this hard to believe, but many people did not realize Adam was gay during Idol (I had to tell three young girls, one of whom refused to believe me, who thought he was simply emo), so if you discount them, you have to discount Adam as well. And FYI Clay did not deny he was gay for six years, he denied it once and his moronic fans kept repeating it over and over ad nauseum. That’s irrelevant, however, as is your personal view of whether Clay has sex appeal or not.

  • Bianca

    Alexa, just because all these guys are gay, doesn’t make them the same or makes their case the same.
    You’re a Clay fan so whatever.

  • romeo

    Just to clear something up here. Gay people are not bisexual, though I know that would be more convenient for all the straight women that I knew were going to start posting here on this gay site. Bisexuality is different. Just ask a bisexual. LOL

    It’s not a matter of opening up to other possibilities than being just gay. That’s the f*cking axe that hangs over our head! That’s what allows the discrimination, real and serious, in employment, housing, military service, the constant threat of violence against us most everywhere in this country. Look at the pictures of some of the victims in other articles on this site. This is about something bigger than your pash for a gay guy. This is about what allows the discrimination to go on, with all its pain and suffering. And f*ck all the straight women jamming on here at this gay site, pushing me out of what little space I have in this f*cking bigoted country leaving me nothing as usual.

    And Bob, point well taken: F*ck Lambert.

  • Alexa

    Bianca, I’m a Clay fan AND an Adam fan. What I’m not a fan of are their fans trolling the internet claiming they are saints and bitching when someone disagrees with them. And I never said they were all the same or their cases are the same, they’re obviously not.

    This is what you said, and when challenged on it by someone else, you asked for examples:

    “Never before have women lusted after an openly gay star!”

    This is patently false as my examples show. Get over it.

    (and you also ignore examples from other countries, such as Will Young and John Barrowman, who have their fans here as well, especially Barrowman)

  • Bianca

    Alexa, you’re twiting my words deliberately. Or you just don’t understand what I’m saying.

    Romeo, I’m FULLY aware that gays aren’t Bi.
    Nobody’s trying to push you anywhere. Is my opinion invalid just because I’m a straight (most of the time) woman?

  • Bianca

    twiting = twisting

  • Alexa

    Bianca, I didn’t twist your words, I quoted them verbatim. They’re not hard to understand, either:

    “Never before have women lusted after an openly gay star!”

    Your opinion is not invalid because you’re straight, it’s invalid because it’s factually incorrect.

  • romeo

    You are trying to push, Bianca. You just don’t realize it. That’s what creates all the misery.

  • Bianca

    Alexa, never before have women lusted over a guy that was openly gay from the very start of his career.
    You go on to give me some ridiculous examples of celebs that were in the closet for years as a way of contradicting my comments. Your examples are invalid b/c the circumstances of these people were very different.
    You want to equate Adam to Clay to HPH. Whatever. I don’t expect much from a Clay fan.

  • Bianca

    Romeo, just because I disagree with your point of view on some things doesn’t mean I’m trying to push you anywhere or take anything from you.

    Why can’t you just see this as differences of opinion on an issue?

  • romeo

    Bianca, because it isn’t a matter of accepting a difference of opinion. It’s you trying to bully me into accepting your opinion. If it weren’t, you wouldn’t keep posting.

  • Republican

    Romeo, at least it seems only one member of the Women in Lust with Adam Club is posting this time. That’s an improvement.

  • Alexa

    Jesus. Bianca:

    1) You never said “from the very start of his career” in your original post, the one I first answered

    2) As I said, until he came out officially in Rolling Stone, many people thought Adam was emo and not gay, so by your revised standard he doesn’t count anyway.

    3) Even if numbers 1 and 2 above didn’t apply, I have two words for you – JOHN BARROWMAN. I don’t have the exact quote, but he once said that if he were to one day come out as straight he would be up to his ears in pussy, so he qualifies even under your new, revised criteria.

    As to your snipe about me being a Clay fan, grow up dear, that has nothing to do with anything, especially as I am also an Adam fan.

  • Bianca

    Romeo, I’m not pointing a gun at your head, forcing you to accept my opinion. I’m talking to you.

  • geez

    geez, it’s just a photospread … no one would want to see melissa pose with anyone male or female bc she’s 1. nuts and 2. not attractive … this guy is attractive in his own way … i don’t know i like the spread …

  • jason

    It seems that the reason Details won’t put Adam in a spread with another male is because Details appears to be homophobic towards the male-male interaction.

    I’m not against Adam posing with a female – good on him, in fact – but it’s instructive that Details would refrain from putting him in a spread with another male.

  • sal(the original)

    gosh he’s hot…the girls are going to go mad and sooo fantasize about him

  • insufferable_know_it_all

    Gosh O!!!! Why are you gay guys still whining and belly aching like some wounded prey trapped in a bottomless pit?

    Tell me. Do you want Adam to turn down every role he’s offered in the future where he would possibly depict a straight guy? Who’s dishing out the discrimination now? The only people who should be upset about the photo spread is Drake, and his mom and dad. Other than that, kiss off.

    I love Adam’s photo shoot. Yep, it’s racy, but hey…

    I’m always having to justify to a overly religious mother why I can like a gay guy so much or even have gay friends, so when I see you guys sitting here putting your ownselves in a dumb, confined box, it’s really disheartening.

  • insufferable_know_it_all

    And yes, I’m a girl, with a girlie name, but chose to use the name some snarky anti-Adam person once gave me to make a point. So don’t bother accusing me of being a girl impersonating a guy, just because you cant believe that some guys actually have enough sense to take up for Adam because they realize that this is just a photo shoot and not the nail in the coffin of gay rights.

  • insufferable_know_it_all

    And gay guys, don’t pretend that most of you have never, ever, had a breast in your mouthes either. Gee, I know of some personally, but I don’t want to get in trouble.

  • kat

    FYI, there are pre-Idol pics of him kissing girls in some sort of nightclub atmosphere… also a pre-idol video of him performing at a club where he mentions a co-star in Wicked… said he kissed her many times and that although it wasn’t his preference, it was nice. So obviously he is truly being honest now post-Idol. Of course, he ALWAYS makes it clear that he doesn’t go beyond that, more honesty… and that’s okay, we women are 100% fully aware that this man is gay. Like he’d be knocking on our doors if he wasn’t… look at him, lol??? Just a hot rock star is all, look but don’t touch kind of a thing… makes him even hotter!!! Women have lusted over rock stars for as long as they’ve existed, all a part of the job. I get the feeling some of you guys feel this sense of entitlement towards him… like the fact that women like him too is just wrong. Well it’s not, we can lust after anyone we want, hot is hot!!!! Oh, and he has some instrument.. as in vocal cords that is!!!

  • romeo

    Beside the point that these female posters crowding in here are deliberately (or dumbly) missing the point, what are they all doing in this site yelling at gay guys for expressing an opinion? Don’t we get enough of that in their straight world?

    They can yell and scream all they want. All I know is when his album drops in November, it better be majorly sick with a sh*tload of killer hooks. Lambert is not about being gay. He’s not about women. And he’s not about the music either from the sound of that lame 80’s hairband redo “Time For Miracles.” A lot of us thought he just might have some guts. Money, money, money is what Adam Lambert is all about. No problem with it, as long as he’s at least honest about that.

  • Chris

    I don’t think the point is that he’s “trying to be straight” or sending a bad message about homosexuality. But it definitely is frustrating for a gay man to see photo shoots like this. Because how many gays have heard straight women talk about changing a gay guy, or sleeping with him, or being overly affectionate with a gay guy in a way that would earn them the title of “whore” if they were acting as such around a straight guy? It’s annoying, and just complete denial (or else lack of respect) on the girls’ part. Same thing with how some straight guys fawn over lesbians as if their purpose is to turn them on. How many straight guys have we seen sucking a gay guy’s nipple in a photo shoot?

    Adam Lambert is basically being used as a sex toy in these pictures, and so is any gay guy who has slept with a straight or bi woman. So few straight people would subject themselves to that kind of treatment, so why is it so commendable, maybe even expected, for gay guys to do it?

  • Mickey

    Excellent post, Chris! And here’s another point to consider: How many openly gay WOMEN have done super-erotic photo shoots with MEN?

  • fern

    I think people are projecting their own stuff onto these pics. The reason for the chick is probably to make straight male readers feel okay about reading/gawking at a gay guy.

    I think its positive that Adam has become a sex symbol to men and women. Bottom line is if he is marketable then doors will open for others.

  • Joe

    It’s okay for a gay man to be comfortable with a woman’s sexuality.

  • Marcus

    Fern hit it on the head. It’s just so the approximately eight straight guys who read fashion&style mags don’t feel uncomfortable hearing about how Lambert used to be a “slutbag.”

    I don’t see how this photoshoot makes him any more of a sex symbol for women than he already was. Brad Pitt has been a sex symbol to tons of gay men for years and he never had to pose for a magazine groping a naked guy to do it. (Of course, if he does, someone please tell me so I can buy a copy.)

  • Scoop

    Bet you a fiver this is just the beginning. The video for his first single (not time for miracles) will probably feature him sexing up some woman(en).

  • Wry Bred

    Must agree with Chris’s thoughtful post.

    I’m disappointed. I like to see gay men being, uh, gay men. Guess I’m old-fashioned that way.

  • me

    Man, who’d imagine such a nobody (for surely he will be before long) could elicit so much dialogue.

  • insufferable_know_it_all

    @Romeo #56, what point am I’m missing? Have you seen any of George Michael’s videos? And there are straight guys who do same-sex acting scenes. I’m a female crowding on your site fussing at you and your opinions because you’re not thinking before you speak and dumb people are my pet peeves. You’re just blindly venting your rage for something that’s not even that deep, as Adam would say. Adam does have guts. He is still cutting edge. I’m willing to bet you money, Romeo, that you or any of you on here, women or men, straight or gay would ever have enough nerve to do a fourth of the things Adam has done. You live in fear of what your friends and your boss would think.

    Kat has it right. Adam has been kissing girls before he got famous and he’ll probably be kissing girls until Drake or some other boyfriend he gets shuts that crap down. (Which I do hope he gets rid of Drake) But then again, if he only has guys like you to choose from, he might as well stay with Drake.

    All of you have been sitting here, making yourselves look dumb, saying OH NO!!! He wants to bat for the other team. When if you’d just shut your mouth for a second and let some neurons fire off, you’d realize, “Oh, wait a minute. Adam has been recently spotted in a parking lot kissing his boyfriend.”

    Also, I can prove it to you guys that some of the same ones of you who claim you were always Adam’s fans from the get go until he disappointed you with these pictures were the same ones who wrote negative posts about him before American Idol ended this year. I remember a comment you said Romeo. You’re the hypocrite. You were never a fan of Adam’s. You just want a platform to bitch.

  • Republican

    “You just want a platform to bitch.”

    I think someone needs to take a good look in the mirror.

  • Republican


    Give it up. The fact is that Adam makes these girls wet to a degree that their brains can’t function properly.

  • insufferable_know_it_all

    Another thing, I’m not your enemy. I do believe in equal rights for everyone. So, when you talk about me or any other woman not having the right to come on this publication really angers me. I don’t know what your angle is, but consider this. If every gay man in hollywood stopped taking straight roles, there sure would be a lot of out of work starving actors unless they got “skeezy.”

    I’m always accused of being a lesbo at work because I am all for equal rights and because I have gay friends, and because I was happy that As the World Turns has a gay romance storyline and because I rooted for Adam Lambert and actively argued down Danny Gokey fans online and have actively helped one of my gay male friends who was thinking about having a relationship with me because he loved our friendship (No I didn’t push myself on him and no I didn’t react rudely to him either.) I encouraged him to follow his dreams so he moved to Atlanta and then something bad happened to him. I guided him into standing up for himself and pressing charges. He won the case, though reluctant proscuters didn’t really want to seek justice for him at first.

    Why am I telling you this? Because you don’t need to feel that the whole world is against you. Maybe you should realize that the your women friends actually do care about you and are actually not trying use you as a sexual object. But if some women are, then you can blame the straight guys for that because they’re beer-bellied jerks. The jerk thing though, might actually be a male gene that guys are born with whether they’re straight or gay.

  • gerryinnj

    I’m a gay man who has been a glambert adam addict since his first performance on American Idol, which I love to watch. I voted for him mutliple times every week, and have religiously followed all the fan blogs ever since. I saw him in the tour concert in Philadelphia and was as thrilled as ever to hear him sing and perform. I am thrilled about his success and will buy every album and go to every concert he does. I didn’t LIKE the photoshoots with women in DETAILS, but marvel at his marketing instincts. He is driving the female glamberts on the blogs out of their minds. He will be a superstar.

    Maybe some of these gay haters have too much in common with the straight haters. What’s wrong with the macho male haters who can’t stand to see another man succeed. Losers are everywhere!

    Go Adam!!! I love you! (and I am a happily coupled gay man with my lover for 27 years) Maybe the haters need to find love somewhere.

  • Republican


    I don’t think anyone is saying you can’t post here, but it just seems odd to some of us that the only stories on this site that get responses from straight women are the Lambert stories. Last time this was an issue, someone mentioned that most of you use google alerts to follow Lambert stories, so I guess it makes some sense.

    As for the other negative comments you ladies are receiving, I think you’re seeing a bit of anger being released by gays who are tired of the way they’re being treated by their straight female friends in their real lives. We appreciate the fact that you think we’re hot, but we don’t want to be the guys you secretly wished were straight. We realize that you think we have a good sense of style, but we don’t want to be your personal fashion advisors. We like the fact that you’re open-minded, but we don’t want to be just collectible figurines in your diversity chest. We want to be your friends, not your playthings.

  • insufferable_know_it_all

    @Gerryinnj, you make me happy. I’m glad you’re happy. I’m glad to know not everyone is not choking to death in their own self-misery. I forgot to add that I’m also black and I see this same sort of “drowning in self-misery” in my own race and it’s so annoying. The region I live, I actually get laughed at by other black people because I speak with proper English. And believe it or not, this woman works at a bank and still acting all ghetto-fabulous right there. (I wanted to go all Shenana on her but we know what would have happened if I showed my ass inside a bank.)

    And I totally agree with what you’re saying.

  • insufferable_know_it_all

    While I’ve never actively sought to convert a gay guy, I have been approached by at least 3 in my life (they could have been bi) but one definitely gay. I had considered trying a relationship and just doing an open relationship thing. However, the one chance I had, I felt it more important to encourage this friend of mine to find himself and to pursue his career dreams.

    But to address your comment that most women only comment on Adam Lambert stuff, the way I found your site was because of Adam. I was not a big fan of looking ANYTHING subject up on the internet. However, there were some other issues I feel strongly about that I have commented about under different names on different sites before I ever heard of Adam. Actually, my friend darn near had a Matthew Sheppard situation happen to him which actually opened my eyes to the discrimination and harrassments that gay people have to endure. But in the same token, an attitude of learned helplessness and self-victimization isn’t exactly helpful to you or your community either. (Yes, I have a degree in Psychology, but not here to psychoanalyze.)

  • gerryinnj

    I have had many straight women (single and divorced) as friends in my life, mostly at church and at my job and have almost always been treated with respect and dignity. My partner and I have been members of our Unitarian Church for 20 years and have always been accepted, affirmed and treated just like any heterosexual couple. We entertain them and they entertain us in their homes. Our denomination had a large delegation from all over the country at the march in Washington on October 11, including me and my partner and many straight men and women. We carried our banner that said I’m standing on the side of Love. It is our theme for all civil rights causes. Hate is the cause of discrimination and suffering.

    At my job (retired 2 years ago), I was a respected professional who was paid well for my expertise and productivity. I heard some of the snide gay jokes and inuendos, but they were never directed at me (as far as I know). Most of my colleagues knew I was gay for the last 10 years on the job.

    I have been out for decades, and have marched in the gay marches in Washington FOUR times over the last 20 years. I give money to many gay causes and organizations. But I am not bitter and try not to hate those who are so ignorant and close minded. Instead of griping and complaining, I can try to help make things better by my actions. I hope that I don’t dismiss the dignity of any other person, including those I disagree with (except maybe for Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck).

    I think it might be better to find women friends somewhere other than bars, especially gay bars. Maybe the haters need to widen their associations to more people outside their own little gay clique to find out what life out there is really like. It sounds like the haters on this site (and on straight sites) have issues with their own sexuality and self worth. They must find a scapegoat to put down to make themselves feel better. That is exactly what the majority culture, including the Religious Right does to the GLBT community.

    I grew up in the south, and still don’t feel too free to be open there, since my lesbian sister who lives there is terrified and fearful if I am open since she is so intimidated by the haters. I wish and hope that our own gay community will stop being as bad as the straight haters! One can express that one doesn’t like Lambert’s singing or his campy style, but to attack him personally is joining the forces of the enemy.

  • Linda

    I am one of Adam’s Female Glambert’s, AND I am an older fan.

    They opened up our female brains (what is left of them) and saw our fantasies. That is all this is. He is gay, and our fantasies of him are no different that if I fantasized about George Clooney or Leonardo DiCaprio, or Neil Patrick Harris who plays a straight guy on TV. Its not going to happen either way. He is a performer and an actor. I don’t think he would ever do anything ungenuine to his fans, or to get people to buy his music.
    His music is what I was first attracted to. His amazing voice and the control and the range he has.

    It’s ridiculous to feel he is jumping ship. He knows he is gay, but also, he has never had a sexual relationship with a woman, from what he says, so maybe he is just curious. Nothing wrong with that. Whether or not he fulfills that curiosity one day, is his choice or decision. He may never find the right woman or time or have no desire to have a female sexual relationship, but one way or the other he will always be gay.
    He has always said from the beginning, men are his preference, but he likes making out with some women.

  • I apologise

    Forgive me for I have sinned…when I was growing up I a woman lusted after Freddie Mercury even though my friends called him gay. I drooled when I saw him swivel his hips even though he wore eye shadow and lip stick….I knew he was gay but I really did’nt care I loved him anyway. Same thing with George Michael and even when he came out….I just came…I’m sorry! I did’nt know women should just turn off their lust for gay men when they came out the closet. I wish all the gay men would just come out so it would’nt anger the gay men who are offended because people think they are hot. I hereby give up my Glambert she-woman gay lovers card. My bad.

  • insufferable_know_it_all

    LOL #76, you’re too funny. The guys complaining how people think they’re hot have much in common with feminist women who throw a hissy everytime a man lusts after a woman. Trust me, feminists are even more annoying. I’ve already been over to their site to bust their chops too, but they were too cowardly to keep my comment on their page.

  • I Apologise

    More confessions….I could be an Usher song. I loved seeing A-rod grab Jeter’s ass!

  • Bianca

    Republican, as to what you say in your post (71), those are such sweeping generalizations. I’m sorry for the bad experiences you had with female friends but there are many gay guys out there who have great relationships with women – real friendships. You never had a gay friend disappoint you? We’ve all had friends who disappointed us regardless of their gender or sexual inclinations. We all have had friends who had a crush on us and it wasn’t reciprocal (or vice versa). I’ve had many platonic male friends for years and a good part of them wan’t to get into my pants, so what? You can’t “control” another person’s fantasies and there’s no point in being angry about it.

  • DanteV

    My boyfriend told me not to comment on this and reminded me why I never visit these queer “poor me” sites but I’m irritated enough that I’m going to. I’m a gay man and I love these pictures (so does he and he’s not the biggest Adam Lambert fan). I think they’re quite beautiful.

    How is Adam Lambert posing with a woman chickening out of being gay/opening doors/etc.? How does one make that improbable leap of logic? I suppose NPH being featured in advertisements where he’s seen in bed with his female co-star is really battering the community. How dare he! He should act in things that are all gay, all the time. He’s pandering to the straight community by pretending to play a straight man.

    Only a brain dead sea monkey would look at these pictures and think “oh my gosh I’ve got a chance!” or attribute them to straight pandering. Everyone and their pet monkey knows AL is queer and these photos don’t change that. I haven’t seen one thing to indicate that his female admirers are now booking flights to LA because now they know he can suck a tit (even if it’s with his eyes closed). Really? His fans aren’t that stupid and I think it’s disgusting that there’s an equation being made to that.

    I’m really beginning to feel annoyed at this constant whining and victimization that’s going on. “We want to be your friends, not your playthings.” Really? How about this? Instead of whining about it let them know you’re feeling objectified (which is laughable in and of itself). Grow some balls and tell them that you aren’t their fashion assistant and don’t want to be lusted after “I’m so sick of everyone thinking I’m hot!” Really? Cry me a River. What person in their right mind says that?

    What I’m seeing with some of these comments is disturbing. It’s bordering on anti-female. Since when is it a crime for a female to lust after anyone (gay or straight)? The same people who love Adam probably also love Brad Pitt or George Clooney or Robert Pattinson, etc. So is it more okay for them to have fantasies about straight people because they’re straight? Are we somehow forbidden fruit? Is there a difference between wishing that Robert Pattinson were available to them and wishing that Adam Lambert were too? I don’t think so.

    And I suppose none of you haters have ever lusted or had fantasies about a straight celebrity (not a chance) but yet somehow it’s not okay for the ladies to do it in reverse. Hmmmmmmmmmmm…I smell hypocrisy.

    I guarantee had he posed with a naked man a lot of the whiners and haters would be going in the opposite direction: “how dare he make our sexuality about sex!” I’ve also seen the comments that he’s a stereotype and “too gay.” He can’t wear make-up, dress outrageously, or act flamboyantly because that’s not the image that the SUV soccer fags want to present to the straight community–I have 2 kids, I’m an accountant, I wear a sweater vest, I don’t have a gay lisp or gay face, I’m normal and just like you, nothing to be scared of…see? So he poses with a woman and here it comes–OMG! He’s pandering to the straight community; all those little girls are gonna think he’s straight now; he’s not being “gay enough.” Which is it? What. Do. You. Want. From. Him.

  • Chris

    The women like 76 and 77 are missing the point. It’s not women finding Adam attractive that is frustrating. It’s organizing a photo shoot with Adam sucking on a woman’s breast that is making people angry. Not every gay guy really wants or needs to “experiment” with women. Pictures like this just perpetuate double standards between heterosexuality and homosexuality. Really, tell us where we can find pictures of a straight star kissing a gay star of the same sex (and the millions of fake lesbian kisses don’t count). It never happens, and why should it? If one person isn’t attracted to the other, that’s the end of the story. Why force it?

    I think a lot of this gap in understanding comes from the fact that straight people aren’t as used to having the opposite sex off-limits as gay people are to having the same sex off-limits.

  • Mickey

    Exactly, Chris. Well stated!

    A man is known by his actions, not by his words. Adam can call himself “gay” all he wants to, but his actions are clearly that of a bisexual…and I’m not just talking about this photo shoot.

  • Mickey


    On the contrary: Only a brain dead sea monkey would look at these pics and NOT attribute them to straight pandering. Do a simple Google search and take a look at the headlines and tag lines related to this:

    “Adam Lambert Kissed a Girl and He Liked It”

    “Adam revealed he likes kissing women because ‘women are pretty.'” (Variations of this last tag line are being quoted over and over ad nauseum; funny, there’s little or no mention of his boyfriend though.)

    “Adam Lambert Goes Hetero, Tongues Girl For Details”

    “There’s Nothing Gay About Adam Lambert’s Details Spread”

    “Adam Lambert: Not Above Kissing Women”

    “Adam Lambert is an equal opportunist: ‘I am gay, but I like kissing women sometimes'”

    “Adam Lambert goes straight for Details”

    Oh yeah…there’s no “straight pandering” there at all. What in the world could have made someone think that? (rolls eyes)

  • Republican


    Of course they are generalizations, and nowhere did I say that all gay man/straight woman friendships are like that. In fact, I’ve had some good ones myself. But the problem is that many straight women do act like that, even if they don’t realize it. Maybe they don’t mean it in their heart of hearts, but they sure do talk like they do.

    As for the question of crushing/lusting, there are few gay men out there who haven’t heard the comments “If only you were straight…” or “Are you sure you’re gay?” Even when said in jest, they can be annoying. Yes, we know we’re gay. No, we don’t need to experiment with you to know that. We’re not confused creatures in need of help.

  • Republican


    Way to blow my comments out of proportion.

    I wasn’t complaining about women who think gay men are hot. It’s a problem only when the woman in the friendship seems to be hoping for something more.

    As for Adam, yes, I think it sends the wrong message to the tween girls of the world about homosexuality. I have never cared for the guy, but I would’ve applauded him posing with a guy.

  • Republican


    Right on!

  • romeo

    Chris and Republican: You’re making excellent points, but there is a distinction that should be made in passing on this. I’m all for gay actors playing straight roles in a film or play. That’s different; that’s ACTING. And gay actors have been doing it forever, and succeeding brilliantly. LOL ! But Lambert appears as himself in those pictures, basically leading women on. A very different and repugnant thing.

    As many of us know, there is a breed of women who consider gay men a challenge, an opportunity to dominate a man, vulnerable in society, in a way they generally can’t dominate a straight man. Such women can make a gay man’s life hell, voice of experience in my early coming out years, and innumerable conversations with other men. And I’ve mentioned before how gay men fake it when pressured, and how as far as the man’s mind is concerned, that woman isn’t even in the room. And these predators vaginas are definitely not magic. Which is what I was talking about yesterday in regards to those relationships being advisable or healthy. If you’re bi, fine. But we’re not talking about that. This is an ugly subject, and heretofore an ugly secret, and I don’t enjoy getting into. I have a lot of wonderful, intelligent women friends that have a clue. But they aren’t the ones Lambert is pandering to. “C’mon over girls. F*ck all the gay guys over. You have my permission.” Way to go, Lambert.

    And Dante, you sound more like one of Lambert’s female trolls to me. LMAO !

  • Insufferable_know_it_all

    @Chris and everyone else: I don’t really think Adam is sucking on that girl’s breast. Her thumb is on his tongue. Buy you some glasses.

  • Insufferable_know_it_all

    I didn’t know that us rabid female fans were responsible for writing those headline articles in google.

    I didn’t know that Adam was responsible for dreaming up the concept for that photo shoot and I didn’t realize Adam was writing his own press releases. That’s the media’s doing.

    This is why I’m leary about pursuing my music career. Gee sign that dotted line and you’re owned by the megabucks. Who knows. They might snatch my guitar out my hands, stuff me in a dress and make me do a booty shake dance because I’m a black female.

    Also, you say a man is known by his actions not his words. Well. I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t make comments about Adam unless you’ve read every article, every statement and looked at every video you could ever get your hands on like us TRUE Adam fans have. Adam’s words DOES match his actions.

  • Chris

    “@Chris and everyone else: I don’t really think Adam is sucking on that girl’s breast. Her thumb is on his tongue. Buy you some glasses.”

    Again, not the point. The picture is meant to depict Adam kissing a woman and sucking a woman’s breast. I’m sure the photographers weren’t thinking “I want it to look like Adam is sucking her thumb!”

    I’ve been arguing about double standards and respect this whole time, not who can fantasize about who or whether these pictures depict real acts. The fact of the matter is, I’d have a pretty good chance of being hit if I told a straight guy “It’s a shame you’re straight” (at the very least, I would expect an insulted “Woah, I don’t swing that way.”). Yet, as Republican says, every gay guy has heard “shame that you’re gay” at least once in their lives from a woman. Maybe it’s just me, but these attitudes seem to follow the assumption that there is a correct or better sexual orientation. I get the same vibes from these pictures.

  • Insufferable_know_it_all

    I knew it. I just didn’t want to say it. You just want to take your frustrations from receiving harsh rejections from straight men out on women. I just love it when someone says I’m missing the point when I am responding to the literal statement of what has been said on this board.

    And how do you know what the photographer was trying to depict? Can you read Adam’s mind? Can you read the photographer’s or the model’s mind? If you had looked at Entertainment Tonight you would have seen and heard from Adam, himself, that the photographer told them to “get down” and Adam said, “Okay.” So those are impromptu poses that Adam and the model came up with. Have you ever been in a photo shoot where you are the model? Yes, I’m very, very sure the photographer told them they were going for a sensual look, but they don’t micromanage every movement, unless your modeling sucks really bad and if that’s the case, I’m sure that would be your last job as a model if that’s the case.

    If it’s any comfort to you, I’ve never told a gay guy any of those phrases you’ve listed. I’ve been called a “nigger” before so boo hoo. I’ve been called a whore before because of being a woman in a certain situation when my male counterparts were able to do the same thing and get called a stud for. I’ve been called a racist against my own race because I speak proper english, got good grades in school and I listen to, write and play rock and country music on my guitar. Then also called a poser by white people who’ve heard my stuff. So who in this world can win for losing? You tell me?

  • Insufferable_know_it_all

    And another thing. I’m going to kill to birds with one stone on this one, especially to the person who told me that I’m the one who wants a platform to bitch and whine after I suggested this may be the case in this situation and to the person who told me that we women are only here because of Adam, here is an example that proves my point. You know that article that Qweerty is running? About the straight guy who changed his orientation status from straight to gay as a way of showing his support of the gay community? Read the comment section. While there are some positive comments. There’s more than enough negative, whining and complaining. I love my friends that are gay and I care about equal rights. That doesn’t change. But you act just like sterotypical black people when they whine and bitch about white people no matter what some white people do to make ammends. There’s never going to be anything that straight people can do to make you happy enough.

  • Insufferable_know_it_all

    Uh, oh, excuse my typo. I mean “two,” not “to.” My w, z, x, and a few on the right hand sticks. You know how a computer acts 2 years after you buy it and the new model comes out. The computer you have mysteriously starts to deteriorate until you’re forced to buy another one. And as I say this, a commercial for Windows 7 is playing on my television set.

  • Alexa

    Insufferable know it all, if you care so much about equal rights, you might want to stop using phrases like “accused of being a lesbo.” Thanks.

  • Insufferable_know_it_all

    Alexa, I’m so sorry about offending you for that statement, one of my female gay friends says that all the time. I must tell her that it’s on the taboo list. I will definitely tell her that you were offended by it.

  • romeo

    @ Alexa: LMAO Thanks !!!

    @ Chris: It’s not just you. Those pictures scream “straight is better for gay guys.”

    Can’t believe they still have these fugly pictures up here.

  • Insufferable_know_it_all

    And it is definitely hard having a her as a friend, because her significant other hates me and thinks I’m after her. We can’t even go running at the park together. I wouldn’t mind her tagging along if I knew her shoe wasn’t going to hit the back of my head.

  • Insufferable_know_it_all

    @Romeo, I bet you are laughing your ass off. As I told your friend Alexa, my friend is strongminded, secure, kindof sortof as awesome as Adam in that manner. She can’t sing or dance but you know I love her sense of confidence, self-worth, and gee, I still need to tell her never to use the word, “Lesbo” ever again, especially before any pride parades come up. I wouldn’t want her to cause a scene.

  • romeo

    @ Alexa: Insufferable mentioned she has a degree in clinical psychology. Maybe “lesbo” is accepted usage in the academic community now. Ya think?

  • Insufferable_know_it_all

    Actually Romeo, I have a hooked on phonetics set for sale on Ebay that you should looke into buying. I just told you that my gay, female friend says that and she often asks me, “Are you sure you aren’t a “Lesbo?” And I don’t think she’s a straight woman pretending to be gay seeing as how her significant other tried to kick my ass once.

    I’m pretty sure any kind of slang term is unacceptable in a professional setting. But, then again, you and everyone else here are being Oh So Professional yourselves, right?

  • romeo

    It’s called “Hooked on Phonics” Insufferable.

    Why are you here? You’re not helping Adam’s cause, and you have nothing useful to offer.

    Is it just to attack gay people? That’s what it looks like.

  • Insufferable_know_it_all

    You’re good. I’m glad you know what I’m talking about. So I guess you don’t need to buy that set afterall.

    No. I’m not trying to attack you. The crap’s just going down that way. If I was patronizing to you, then you would call me on that too, now wouldn’t you? You are attacking a gay person too. You’re attacking Adam. I should be out there in the trenches arguing the Gokey/Kris fan haters of Adam instead of you who should just be a little more supportive of one of your own.

    But here you are, dissing him every little move he makes. I can expect this out of the gokey/kris fans, but not you. Not you guys.

  • Insufferable_know_it_all

    Now how’s that for a good trick in psych. I got you to respond in a way that I wanted you too, by doing a certain thing. Now, I’m also ex-millitary. And I can tell you. If you fall into traps that easily, see how easily one can be manipulated? Who’s to say that some “Powers that be” aren’t really trying to destroy Adam by making him do ridiculous crap and then there you go, responding like this before thinking it through.

  • Insufferable_know_it_all

    Now the too was a real typo, not a trick. I’m eating a hamburger and trying to look at TV while typing this now.

  • romeo

    Insufferable, you’re amazing! I mean that with all my heart. I just love you.

  • Insufferable_know_it_all

    I love you too, in a platonic kind of way.

  • Bianca

    Kris (N.90) You know, maybe if you just took those “pity you’re gay” as a compliment in stead of a terrible affront to your sexual identity, it wouldn’t piss you off so bad. In the end what it means isn’t “Gay is bad”, it’s “too bad for ME (the woman)that YOU specifically are gay because you’re so hot/smart/charming/nice/whatever. In the end someone thinking you’re all kinds of good things is a compliment, not an insult. It only becomes a problem when the other party becomes too insistent or a stalker.

  • Bianca

    I meant “Chris” (No.90). I guess I was thinking Kris Allen, you know, the guy that actually won AO, lol.

  • Chris

    Insufferable_know_it_all, you are psycho. I’ve never gone after a straight guy. You didn’t read my earlier post, maybe because you’re too busy writing volumes of meaningless comments on here. But I said girls persistently coming on to gay guys is annoying and disrespectful, and I’m no hypocrite. Why would I go after a straight guy anyway? I’m not as deluded as some people who think they can change others’ sexualities.

    But while we’re playing the “I know what you’re thinking better than you do” game, what’s with the last victim paragraph? My comments on here relate to how I find this photo shoot distasteful and frustrating. I’m not trying to say I have a hard life, or enter into whatever put-down competition you’re trying to start.

    And Bianca, I might feel complimented if a girl said I was charming or hot or something like that. But “it’s too bad you’re gay” is coming on too strong; it’s annoying if someone doesn’t take your sexuality seriously and won’t accept that you’re not interested in them. Think about if someone told your boyfriend or girlfriend “It’s too bad you’re not single.” Would you take that as an indirect compliment, seeing as you’ve caught yourself someone who is hot/smart/charming/nice?

  • insufferable_know_it_all


    What victim paragraph?

    When did I accuse you of trying to take one of our stank ass, beer-bellied, need-to-be-run-over-with-a-bush-hog straight men? You can have the average, trash-talking, wife-beating, non-responsible, let your kids get run over by a car while you’re at work SOB’s if you want. I will FedEx you the one I’m specifically talking about if you want. COD, of course. No refunds/returns allowed.

    If you want to blame someone for women coming on to you, blame the sorry-ass straight men who cant hold a candle to you guys. That maybe part of the reason so many women are drawn to Adam Lambert. He has a good-soul, he’s a humanitarian, he deeply cares about everyone around him. When he was persecuted on AI by some of his co-contestants, he still treated them with dignity and respect and help them with their own singing and song selections. Even they were able to see what a good human being despite them being homophobic.

    At this point, I would definitely not attribute Adam’s awesomeness to him being gay. He’s a lot better than any of you and he’s off the charts better than any straight man. That’s why all the men, gay and straight are jealous of him. I wouldn’t want to compare him to the many of you who are whining about his every move. For the people who have level-headed views who post on here, I’m sure you’re awesome too, not just hot. There’s a reason I keep men at bay and can never go to the serious level with them anymore. I saw a hot straight guy (yeah, I know that some actually do exist who are willing to do dont want to so you don’t have to worry about any straight women raping you. (You might have to worry about that situation happening to you around a straight guy-can’t explain that without comprising one of my gay male friend’s privacy.

    If you don’t like the pics don’t look. I was on another gay site (I didn’t leave a comment). I saw lots of hopefulness from the tone and slant of the writer’s article that he’s hoping that ALL straight men would be comfortable posing in the nude in a publication such as theirs when referring the “in the buff” hockey team. And don’t tell me that you wouldn’t like to see straight men pose with gay guys. Don’t lie to me like that. So what’s the difference if one of yours poses with a woman? Gee, my ex-husband and an exboyfriend tried like hell to get me to have a three-some because he wanted to see me with another woman. That never happened because I told him that he had to go first. He can bring one of his hot friends home to get that party started. So of course, he was too chickened. So I slinked out of that one.

    You need to get off your drugs. Reread your post #90 and see what prompted me to respond the way I did. Here is your quote verbatim.

    You said, “The fact of the matter is, I’d have a pretty good chance of being hit if I told a straight guy “It’s a shame you’re straight” (at the very least, I would expect an insulted “Woah, I don’t swing that way.”)

    Regardless of whether or not I accused you of coming on to a straight man is so totally not the point when you’re clearly expressing bitterness towards either your own or your friends experiences.

  • insufferable_know_it_all


    My statements aren’t necessarily useless. Wake up, get yourself a cup of coffee, and pay attention. You can actually learn from other people who are different than you. That’s how you expand perspective. I don’t just talk on here to exercise my fingers on the keyboard and to be annoying for no reason. I saw too much of the self-pity whining, self-hatred that you’re directing at someone who dares to be different that I see all the time within the black community so I couldn’t help myself.

    I’m going to say one more thing before I go obsess some more over Adam’s new video.

    My real handle name is Staciegirlie with or without the 17 behind it. However, people started calling me an insufferable know it all. I was offended at first, but then looked back at my life and my friends in past have always called me a know it all, but they also tell me that I’m the one they can always come to for advice and perspective. So, I grabbed the name up and use it sometimes as a tongue and cheek. My point at telling you this worthless piece of info?

    The point is, is that I didn’t acquire a broad sense of knowledge by being narrow-minded, following everyone else’s way of thinking and doing things, or shying away from people or things I didn’t understand. I didn’t get a broad perspective on education alone. Life is your education. Not just the classroom, not just the preacher, not just your mother and father. If you have your eyes closed to it all, as you’re living it, you’ll never learn anything.

  • insufferable_know_it_all

    And that last paragraph I wrote? That is something I’m always having to tell my STRAIGHT friends and acquaintances who give me drama for being friends with my gay friends and when I stand up to them for talking smack about gay people.

    I never dreamed I would have to say it on this site too.

  • romeo

    Hi, Insufferable! Watcha eating?

    @ Shinon: yeah, but they aren’t naked, and he isn’t sucking their tits or pretending to go down on them. A woman mentioned here that she thought those pictures showed his reverence for his female fans. He had a song dropping when the Details photos were released. He’s a gay man. I’m a gay man. Lambert and I both know what that means. Those pictures don’t show reverence for his female fans. They show his contempt for them, frankly, his contempt for everybody. He keeps saying it’s not that deep. The problem is he’s not that deep apparently, because he’s way ahead of himself. Maybe this dishonorable crap will work for him and he’ll sell records. We’ll see. But he’ll never be the stand-up legend he could have been. Or build the kind of fan base he could have had.

    Besides, they don’t write the kind of rock and pop they used to with great buildups to knock out hooks. Composers don’t have the grounding in musicology that they had in the 60’s and 70’s. With a personality that audiences can see right through, Lambert is going to be pretty naked up there on that stage. And frankly he doesn’t have the body for it.

    I see he’s scheduled to do a replay with some kind of contest for a fan to win a photoshoot with him in an upcoming Details. I’ll bet you there are some guys entering. Wonder if they have a chance in hell of winning? LOL

  • Chris

    Insufferable, maybe what you say isn’t useless. But at least try to edit your comments so that only what needs to be said comes out. Half of your statements are unnecessary and don’t relate to this topic at all.

    “Regardless of whether or not I accused you of coming on to a straight man is so totally not the point when you’re clearly expressing bitterness towards either your own or your friends experiences.”

    No, I don’t need me or my friends to go after straight guys to know how homophobic a lot of straight guys are. Have you ever heard of the gay panic defense? Basically it condones even the murder of a gay man when he makes an advance on a straight man. I think the statement that you quoted from me isn’t such a big assumption considering the existence of such a crazy legal loophole. And yes, I guess bitterness is the word to use. I’m rightfully bitter that there are double standards when it comes to sexual orientation, and I’m bitter that homophobia is not only still around but is actually looked upon indifferently in lots of places.

    “You can actually learn from other people who are different than you. That’s how you expand perspective. I don’t just talk on here to exercise my fingers on the keyboard and to be annoying for no reason. I saw too much of the self-pity whining, self-hatred that you’re directing at someone who dares to be different that I see all the time within the black community so I couldn’t help myself.”

    I don’t think I’m being close-minded. I never said I didn’t like the pictures because Adam was being different. My problem isn’t with Adam kissing girls in any of Shinon’s pictures – those are either him acting or what looks like him messing around with friends. Hell, if he wanted to sleep with one of his female friends to try it out that is his choice. What is annoying is when some straight girls expect gay guys to respond to a come-on and experiment with them. And I feel like having these pictures of Adam published in a magazine encourages straight girls like that to continue to make advances as if they are being WRONGED by the existence of good-looking guys who have no interest in them. This is something that I said frustrates me, and apparently other guys here. That is not self-pity or self-hatred, in fact I feel like it’s almost the opposite. I feel like I’ve said this a million times, and I really don’t know how to make it any clearer to you without having you twist some little example I use and turn it around on me personally.

    Those are the only points I felt I needed to respond to. Everything else is just you ranting about how much you hate the gay guys here who don’t agree with you.

  • Mickey

    Another totally on the mark post, Chris!

  • insufferable_know_it_all

    Hello Romeo, I’m at work, wishing I could eat lunch right now. What you doing?

    I heard about the contest, but I’m not going to enter. I think you should though. I would buy that issue too. I don’t think Gokey/Kris fans would be too happy nor really conservative gay people, but oh, well, they’ll get over it.

    As for Adam’s music, you should hear his pre-idol music. It rocks. Also, Adam’s body is just fine. Did you notice how when he auditioned, he was really skinny. (A few monthes pass between taping and the beginning of the show.) Somewhere along the way he gets heavy. I think someone put something in his food or drink to make him gain. However, he is thin again. He doesn’t need to get any thinner.

    Looking back in rock, Ozzy Osbourne, David Lee Roth, Vince Neil, Meatloaf were all kind of chunky but did well. Difference is, is that Adam is hot, they’re not.

  • Republican


    Hotness is an interesting thing. Would you really find Adam hot if he didn’t have his talent? I mean, on a purely physical level, wouldn’t you say that Kris Allen is hotter than Adam Lambert?

  • insufferable_know_it_all

    @Mickey, I’m going to address you, then Chris. Why do you keep doing that? Do you have any thoughts of your own? How long have been using that name? Because I’ve never seen it before a certain conversation I had with a certain someone.

  • insufferable_know_it_all

    All of us are way off the subject. Adam warned us all verbally that he will shock us all, so when he does something like this, I’m not going to be shocked and neither should you. That is a rock star. He’s probably going to do crazier stuff than the pics. You may not care that he is sleeping with women behind the scenes out of everyone’s viewpoint, but someone is going to get pissed off about it. I’m not tryig to judge my favorite rockstar, but if he’s in a relationship, he doesn’t need to be sleeping with anyone else anyway unless they both agreed to an open relationship.

    About the gay panic defense. That makes me want to go out and punch someone or either puke. I hate straight men who attack gay men. Actually other kinds of victims are on their list, however, I won’t stray off the subject. I think its just another excuse to be their old, violent, neanderthal selves. Why do you think I told you I and a lot of other women resent straight men? I hope my friend doesn’t read this, but my gay, male friend was RAPED by straight men. No, the straight guy was not in the closet. He lived in fear, he was always hounded by these creepers until they caught him walking home by himself from school one day. It’s going to come a day when people start becoming vigilantes to get their justice.

    About the girls who get mad with guys because they think they are entitled, they’re annoying too. But what you don’t understand, they have that same attitude toward straight men who don’t want them. They just change up their game to fit the situation.

  • insufferable_know_it_all


    It’s funny, I was asked on you tube if I would like Adam’s singing, even if he wasn’t hot. LOL.

    Yes, I think Adam is hotter than Kris even if he’s not singing. Kris is cute, but I’ve always liked the rockstar, glamrock, type of man since I was 10 years old. Do you think Kris is hotter? I know Adam thinks he’s cute.

  • insufferable_know_it_all

    Guys like Kip Winger, Sabastian Bach, Brett Michaels, Joey of Europe. Then Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran.

  • Bianca

    Republican (No. 118), that’s a very interesting question. Even before I was a “captive” of his sexappeal I thought he was very handsome. That said, I think what people project, their personality, character, behavior does add or subtract from their appeal in general and sexappeal in particular. At least to me it does. I can see a pic of a person and say they’re beautiful or not but when they start talking/moving it can go both ways.

    To reply more specifically to your question, if he didn’t have that great voice and talent, I’d think he’s just a nice, handsome guy. That’s all.

    As for Kris, as a staight woman he does nothing for me although I do think he’s talented, looks pretty good and seems like a nice person in general.

  • Bianca

    Wanted to add something to my last post.

    “To reply more specifically to your question, if he didn’t have that great voice and talent, I’d think he’s just a nice, handsome guy. That’s all.”

    That’s because I don’t know him personally. I just know what he shows in interviews, on tv and such. Knowing a person in RL can affect you and make you feel someone is indeed “hot” and very attractive sexually. Or not.
    Hotnes doesn’t necessarily depend on someone having a huge artistical talent.

  • insufferable_know_it_all

    @Chris, I forgot to add something about the gay panic defense. I got distracted (at work).

    You should take comfort that not alot of success for people using this defense. However, lawyers and judges in your community should band together and protest this. If the majority of people using this defense start becoming increasingly successful in court, I’m going to use it too the next time some fugly straight guy tries to come on too strong. I’ll just have to figure out what to call it.

  • Chris

    Insufferable, I think we’re at a better understanding, so I’m just going to leave it at this. I do disagree about the panic defense not gaining a lot of success – one man being acquitted of murder over it is success enough to be sickened by its power. But that is not something I can or do blame you for, so no cause for argument.

    And I am definitely not posting as Mickey – I’m not pathetic enough to cheer myself on.

  • Mickey

    Insufferable, I simply agreed with what Chris had to say, nothing more, nothing less. I choose not to engage you in conversation because 1) your comments directed to me have been condescending and 2) you clearly just want to argue back and forth with the people in this thread, and my time is much too valuable for that.

  • JFC!


    So many crazy, uptight bitchy people here! IT’S NOT THAT DEEP LOLOLOLOLOL.

    “Adam, today you are going to confront the vagina.” Without missing as beat, he shot back, “I’m down.”


    There are so many old photos of him kissing girls. There’s a photo of him tonguing his female performer and friend onstage.



    Just watch his reactions to the shoot on Acesss Hollywood, he is hilarious AND endearing.

    “These photos are a little shocking!”
    Adam: “DUH! That’s the point! LOL!”

    “Some people might be a little upset by these”
    Adam: “Good!”

    “You are a troublemaker!!”
    Adam: “I know lmao! Listen, I don’t do things to play it safe. I have never done that and I’m not going to stop now.”


  • @Chris

    I’m glad we’re at a better understanding. I knew that someone had won a case based on the gay panic defense. I just can’t believe that educated people have actually come up with this one and let even see the light of it’s day in court. I would never get on the stand as an expert witness and spout out that rubbish. I wonder what professional psychologist would, but I guess there’s actually some that actually insult themselves by doing so.

    This is the problem with our justice system. You see how much education and experience is required before one is allowed to become a judge? The problem is, is that the judge doesn’t even judge the case at all. You get people who may or may not even have a GED, high school diploma or college education selected as jurors to judge the case. I think it should be the other way around. Have a panel of jurors who have as much education as a judge and then let some uneducated peon read the verdict. I’m sure that would irradicate most injustice in the courtroom.

    Sorry to everyone else, yes we’re way off the subject, but we’re discussing something way more important.

    Nice chatting with you Chris, I’m glad we’re able to work out our differences. You too Romeo. I actually ate healthy today.

  • romeo

    @ JFC: Okay, buh bye Adam.

    Looks like some other former Adam fans might feel the same way. Just checked iTunes chart, that’s the main sales medium for downloads. Even with all the explosions, Time For Miracles is tanking.

    Buh bye, JFC !

  • romeo

    BTW: Re iTunes, I know that even moderate gay support is enough to keep a song in the top ten. That’s why performers go out of their way to not piss off gay fans. Looks like there aren’t that many of the crazed fangirls after all.

    To Adam: Good for you that you don’t want to play it safe (LOL), but playing it stupid might mean the difference between a house in Pacific Palisades and being back in that crapshack at, where was it, Melrose and Wilton?

    Yeah, going straight is not playing it safe. LMAO !

  • Republican


    Please tell me you’re not older than 15.

  • romeo

    @Republican: Hiya !

    FYI, I heard his fangirls have these sweaty think tanks on fan sites where they hash over attack strategies against guys like us. LOL Then they each take the script and hit the net. It’s called the “glamswarm.” I kid you not. Like you said, he makes them so wet it short circuits their brain pan. LMAO

  • romeo

    And, of course, they’re so obnoxious that they do Adam way more harm than good considering most people are forming their impression of him on the net.

    I don’t know, just a suggestion, try a straight guy girls. I can think of some big advantages to that than doing a gay guy. LMAO

    Republican, I’m wasting way too much energy on this phony crap. Stop me! Please !!!

  • OMG

    Gee, I don’ know, boss. Boycott her and talk lots of shit about her.

  • romeo

    Aw, I like Charlize. She’s cool and a great actress. She’s also not a lame-ass hypocrite with a swelled head.

    @OMG: not shit, some pretty well reasoned stuff here. LMAO Must be bothering you guys to keep digging way back in these pages to keep finding this thread.

    Hey, Republican, I told you to stop me ! For the love of God !

  • OMG

    She’s not a hypocrite? She’s a straight woman, but she’s kissing another woman. She’s wrong for representing straight folk like that.

  • romeo

    @OMG: BTW the name of this site is “Queerty” where gays go to talk about things that affect them. What’s at the top of this page will affect gay people with the way it’s being portrayed all over the straight media and net sites.

    Tough that what we’re saying doesn’t fit into RCA’s marketing strategy for Lambert. If gay guys weren’t good enough for them, then they shouldn’t have offered him a contract. Better Lambert had gone with a smaller label. Maybe they would have respected him more and helped him to build his career in a more appropriate and long-lasting manner. We’re not just talking shit here, OMG.

  • romeo

    She’s not being a hypocrite. She’s just fooling around for charity. And like I said, she’s not sucking the girls tit and pretending to go down on her. LMAO Big difference.

    Are you eating? Watcha eating? I always like to know what people are eating when they’re online. Fascinates me.

  • OMG

    What I’m eating? Why? What’s the punchline?

  • OMG


  • romeo

    No punchline. I’m six feet tall with a 32 inch waistline. You know, narcissistic gay guy. I’m always on a diet. I’m also online on a Saturday night, so obviously I’m living vicariously. LOL (Seriously, I need a boyfriend.)

  • OMG

    Living on the sidelines at a basketball game, eh?

  • OMG

    Blond or brunette?

  • romeo

    Blond or brunette. Who, me or the boyfriend? I’m blonde. 42inch chest, 32 inch inseam. The other measurement I don’t give online, but it’s height appropriate. I had a very straitlaced Southern Baptist upbringing. LOL (seriously, and look how good it took.) LOL LOL LOL

  • romeo

    OMG: Please tell me you’re a guy. Lie to me if necessary. LMAO
    This is turning into a long, lonely night. My car is on the fritz, so I couldn’t go out.

  • OMG

    Not from the south so can’t help you out. Baptist? How’d that happen?

  • romeo

    Actually, I’m from New York, but my mother was from Mississippi. It’s a long story.

  • OMG

    From New York? How about now?

  • romeo

    Well, enough raggin’ on Lambert’s ass for one night My cat just jumped into my lap. She needs consoling. She just had a historectomy and has a funnel on her head. Looks like I’ve got a date tonight after all.

    See ya, fellas.

  • romeo

    @OMG California. L.A.

  • insufferable_know_it_all


    I leave for a day, and I catch you being naughty again.
    “raggin’ on Lambert’s ass.” You should have said you were munchin his ass, LOL. Are you a Taurus or a Scorpio by any chance?

    Keep the faith in Adam. I think he’s going to help turn the tides. Yes, there’s still a lot of straight guy haters still tripping like Delaolsen on Adam’s official youtube page, but there’s lots of straight guys on there actually taking up for Adam, and, they aren’t women posing as men either, because some actually have their pics on their accounts. It’s phenomenal! These straight guys actually see Adam as a human being, not as a predator or a threat.

    Think about it. Which artist in the black community opened doors for other black entertainers? Michael Jackson.

    Who do you think could do the same for the gay community? Adam has not forgotten who he is or where he’s come from. He’s already introduced Cassidy “Whiskey in Churches.”

    But anyway, keep the faith, look in the mirror, smile and repeat after me, “I’m a good person, I am worthy of respect and love.” And actually try to believe it, why don’t you? I would much rather bust people like Delaolson’s chops instead of you guys. They actually deserve it.

    And what are you doing trying to pick up guys on a newsjournal site? Stay home and take care your poor little sick cat.

  • Wicked Glitter

    Oh what a surprise, more men who are insanely jealous of Adam Lambert. Now I understand why gorgeous men like Rock Hudson, and Richard Chamberlin kept their nonprofessional lives private. It wasn’t because straight women wouldn’t accept them. I remember my mother telling me that Rock Hudson was gay when I was a little girl. We didn’t care because he was Rock freakin Hudson! He was gorgeous and sexy. I loved him in ‘Giant, and all those movies with Doris Day. Now we have Adam Lambert. He’s gorgeous, he’s sexy, I want him to be a movie star. I don’t care who his love interest in the movie is! It could be a man, woman or the f**king invisible man! I don’t care! So just stop all of your bitching, and be happy that God put Adam Freakin Lambert on this earth to entertain us.

  • Bianca

    Romeo (151) I guess you do like pussy after all….

  • romeo

    @Bianca: LMAO

    @Wicked Glitter: Try reading some of the stuff that was posted on this thread. It’s quite serious and to the point. Not at all the superficial accusations you’re making about gay men. Lambert is imbedded in and part of the world, whether he likes it or not. The world does not revolve around his marketing strategy. And his actions, if ill conceived and abusive, have consequences, in his case for many other people because of his prominence.

    Girls, Girls! You guys are the only ones reading this thread anymore. I’m just coming back for laughs. A lot of the guys here are fascinated by some women’s obsessive need to get a gay guy in bed. How homophobic is that?

  • romeo

    What’s everybody eating? I’m doing some probiotic yogurt. I’ve been eating it for months. Can’t really tell the difference in doing what it’s supposed to do. Not like those potato chips they used to sell. Man that worked. LOL

    And, Wicked, it isn’t jealousy. It’s disappointment that you’re seeing here. The crap at the top of this page is the usual for Hollywood gay guys when they smell money, if they can get away with it, of course. A lot of us thought he was going to be better than this. After all, he was the one that said he was.

    BTW, Wicked, Rock and Richard kept their lives private because, along with it being career and social death, in their day you could be sentenced to years in prison for it. In some states you could be lobotomized and castrated. What in the hell did you think all this gay lib was about? A lot of brave people worked very hard and took incredible risks to get us just where we are, insufficient as that is.

    Lambert is the one in his pre-Idol days that posted the makeout pictures with his boyfriends, not to mention the drag shots, to social networking sites, along with the advice in his profile that he was looking for men. Other gay guys are hardly trying to paint him into a corner. A sensible person would realize that the die is cast, and make the most of things in a realistic fashion, which is going to work better in the long run.

    To be fair, Lambert found himself with a predicament, an ardent segment of female fans that were so delusional, predatory, or ignorant to think it was a good thing to get a gay guy into bed, with what that meant for him and them. Lambert himself said “I would never call myself bisexual.” Now it’s hard to turn down money and fame, especially considering the chancy job prospects that gay men and women face. And I certainly don’t blame Lambert for wanting to capitalize on what’s come his way. He worked hard to develop his talent, which is substantial. But even in Hollywood there’s such a thing as going too far and making yourself look ridiculous. Not a good thing right at the beginning of your career, and that’s what those pictures look like to most people that see them, his crazed fangirls aside. Incidentally, you’re not doing him any good by swooping in to sites like this posting your airheaded cliches. You’re just making things worse for him.

    He and his management need to shut up about his sex life, real or imagined. I for one thought they understood that his best chances were with his voice. Straight people were getting used to him and starting to overlook, well, the obvious. He’s a good singer with a photogenic face, but with a few liabilities, some of which he himself helped create. But nothing fatal, unless he decides to commit career suicide. And as we know these days, greed can do that in any business.

    Sure, maybe he can even do movies, too. Why not? I would suggest, however, that he stick with light romantic comedy. I would tread lightly on marketing him as a macho action star, not that our boys can’t do that, and in fact do. LOL If the public only knew. LOL LOl LOL But I think that drag shot in the blonde wig all over the net might put a crimp in the marketing campaign for something like that.

    But, seriously, I do wish him well, and hope he finds success on a sensible and honorable path. Or at least on this planet anyway. I don’t begrudge another gay person’s good fortune. However, I might take exception to the way they go about attaining it.

    Don’t worry, Adam. You’ll be alright. Just try not to get too stupid.

  • insufferable

    Hey, Romeo? Is that all you’re eating? Probiotic yogurt? Does it taste good? Does it actually have antibotic type substances in it? Be careful with high-tech, “eneneered” stuff. Let the crash test dummies eat it first. If they’re still healthy in five years and you see no “ambulance chasers” on TV saying, “if you were a consumer of….” then it’s safe for you to eat. Okay?

  • insufferable

    Oh, excuse the missing letters again. I type fast and my keyboard responds slow. I meant antibiotic and engineered

  • Wicked Glitter

    Romeo, I don’t understand why someone’s private life should stop them from doing a professional modeling job? How is Adam Lambert being abusive? I don’t know if the female model in the photoshoot is gay. Why should I care if she is gay? You say that you want gay people to be accepted, but yet you want to seperate people by who their sexual preference is! Why? I knew exactly why gay performers were afraid to come out when I was a kid. I remember how cruel some kids were to kids they thought were gay. It was horrible,evil. I hated it so much. I think you are being just as cruel. You are judging someone because they are gay. You are telling them that they have to behave only in a way that you see fit. I think you are a bigot.

  • romeo

    @Glitter: You can’t be very old or mature not to understand what’s going on here. You cannot imagine how foolish you sound calling me a bigot after what I’ve written. It wasn’t a matter of a modeling assignment. It was a matter of Adam pandering to straight people, and thereby implying, rather obviously, that he was ashamed of being gay. Otherwise, why would a gay guy do something like those photos? Forget about what they were supposed to be about, no one was going to think about that when they saw those pictures.

    You’d do yourself a favor to drop this. We’re more mature and experienced here. You’re not going to win any points with us. This isn’t an Adam fansite. You’re not even picking up what the real discussion is here. You don’t have the goods to compete here for your guy. Incidenatally, he used to be MY guy, too. Way disheartened by him.

    Hi, Insufferable. It’s supposed to make you regular. I don’t think it’s very dangerous, but, hey, I live dangerously. Hay, look at me knocking Adam Lambert with all you fangirls flying around with your knives drawn. LOL Are you eating anything?

    How ’bout you, Glitter? Watcha eating?

  • insufferable

    LOL, Romeo. You’ve got to be a comedian. You have a sense of humor, that’s for sure. Well, at least you’re brave. I’m not going to admit what I’m eating today. #1, I’m supposed to be dieting. #2. I don’t want to embarrass myself now that I know how healthy you eat. We’ll just say at least the cheese in it was healthy?

  • Gloria

    Jeez, what overeactions to some beautiful artistic photos. If you all would have read she has her finger on his tongue, not her breast in his mouth. Good God people, Adam is Gorgeous, has mad talent, get over it!

  • Matt

    The kid is brave. The shoot is saying Eff you all and stop telling me what to do or next week I’ma release a femme album cover then release a track written by Pink called “What Ya Want From Me?”.

    And that’s exactly what he did. Let him try and find harmony and get his legs before demanding he go all freaking Rosie for everybody. And btw how long before she grew balls and spoke out?

  • Matt

    @Gloria #163 speaking of reading, read #161. You’re missing the point and the point is VALID. Don’t dictate people’s right to their experience and life view when you have no clue.

  • tim

    I’m straight. I like Adam. He’s a good singer. I don’t care that he’s gay. He makes a big deal out of being androgynous, not my type of thing, but hey good for him. I think posing with a girl makes him just as badass in my book. They’re just pictures….

  • terie

    I am a straight grandmother from the Rock Hudson era also Liberace. Yes, I loved Rock not only because of his beauty but also because he was a good actor … same with Liberace … he was one of the BEST showman of his day. Didn’t know about Rock but everyone knew about Libby. Women were crazy about them both … sexuality didn’t even enter into it. Same with Johnny Mathis. My point is, I loved those men for who they were as PERFORMERS … they each in their own way were wonderful ENTERTAINERS. I smiled when they entertained me. That’s all I cared about. The same goes for ADAM … he makes me happy when he speaks … he’s so articulate & respectful … never says anything mean or hateful of/to anyone. When he SINGS his voice is so CLEAR & FLAWLESS that I could listen to him all day & I sometimes do. I would be PROUD to call him my GRANDSON and I’m even PROUDER to support this BEAUTIFUL & TALENTED young man. His orientation is just a part of who he is like his BLUE EYES. He is a HUMAN BEING just like the rest of us and DESERVES to be treated as such … He’s not GOD so stop expecting him to be perfect!!!

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