Did Police Treat Grindr Serial Killer’s Victims Differently Because They Were Gay Men?


There’s a horrifying story coming out of England, where gay serial killer Stephen Port was recently sentenced: the victim’s families claim there was significant police bias.

The backstory: Port lured four men to their deaths using online apps, poisoning them with GHB, and hiding their corpses.

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Members of the victims’ families claim police simply assumed all the men killed themselves with careless drug use, chalking it up to homosexuals doing too many party drugs.

Allegedly, family members tried telling police that the young victims weren’t the type to use drugs.

Those explanations fell on deaf ears.

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Police initially claimed the deaths were accidental and completely unrelated.

Port wrote a fake suicide note that spun a story about one victim killing the other in a passionate murder-suicide.

Police lazily took that claim at face value — despite the fact that the handwriting on the note shared no resemblance to the victim’s handwriting.

“We kept saying to [the police] from the start if this was a woman you’d be doing a lot more than what you are,” said one victim’s mother.

Said another:

If Anthony had been a 23-year-old girl and then Gabriel and then Daniel, if they had all been girls in that area found in suspicious circumstances I think there would have been a lot more media coverage as well and a massive part of this investigation by the police was homophobic, I really do think that.”

Stephen Port was sentenced on November 25th, and will spend the rest of his life in prison.

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