Project No Way

shut up!

We won’t be watching Project Jay. It should be a clue to us that a series originally slated to be 8 shows long, has been cut down to a one hour special. What’s the matter Jay, not enough personality to fill a whole series?

Jay was the saving grace of the first Project Runway and we were delighted he won. It is his nastiness since winning that has us calling his bullshit. At first we loved his anti-fashion stance, but now it’s just gotten ugly. He seems bitter and confused and no longer fun. We know you did not take the money and that you think Hedi Klum is a twat and that you hate more successful designers like Zac Posen. Say something new, Mr. McCarroll. Your shtick is getting tired.

This interview with Jay in the new issue of Time Out is exactly what we mean. There is a difference between subtle reads and just plain hate. His persona may be as big as his bloated belly, but we’re still not buying his ego. It’s ugly unlike his clothes.

Clothes Combat [Time Out New York]

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