Putin Looks For Gay Love

After coming out as a middle-aged beef cake, Russian President Vladimir Putin seems poised for another coming out.

An eagle-eyed reader sent us in this m4m sexvert entitled “Russian Dictator Seeks Love”:

I’m a nice, decent guy looking to meet another masculine bro for some hot fucking and hopefully a meaningful emotional connection. I like dogs, fishing, poisoning dissidents, and long walks on the beach. Turn offs are mean people and democracy. I hope I can meet a guy who can look past my rough exterior and see the sensitive artist underneath. I like to cuddle with a guy, gently kissing him all over his body until the morning light comes in through the window. You must be into BDSM sub/dom pain play, I’ll tie you to a chair and interrogate you for hours, I’m handy with a pair of pliers.

Vladimir Putin,

We love poisoning with dissidents and told Pootie-Poot as much, but he’s not interested. He prefers to dominate men with darker, Chechen features.