But Can They Make It Work?

Queer Convicts To Wed in Canada

It’s prison wedding bells up in Canada, where two convicted killers are getting hitched. Now, we 100% support gay marriage in and out of prison, but we’re not entirely convinced these two thought it through:

David Bedard, 22, is serving a 10 year sentence for involuntary manslaughter while his partner Sony Martin, 26, is serving a life sentence for second-degree murder and is ineligible for parole before 2020.

“It won’t be any different from any civil wedding,” said Lucette L’Esperance, assistant warden at the institution. “They will marry at the chapel before a Quebec court judge.”

The wedding will be the usual 10-minute ceremony, but the two, who currently live in separate cell blocks, will continue to do so and will get no special treatment.

So, they’ll be living in separate cell blocks, one gets out in less than ten years while the other may be locked away for life, and they’re more than likely to live completely separate lives. Actually, that sounds like it could be the perfect marriage…