Queerty Query: Sherry Vine

sherry vine

Downtown legend Sherry Vine has recently returned to New York to begin work on Theater Couture’s new show. Fresh from her Bar d’O reunion performance with Joey Arias and Raven-O, she caught up with Bradford Shellhammer to chat about resolutions, reunions, and Steven King.

How were your holidays?
My holidays were great, just eating and sleeping and playing games with my parents in Florida. It was just the 3 of us this year but really fun and relaxing!

Where are you living these days?
I had been working a lot in Germany with Joey Arias and the things I wanted to do creatively weren’t happening in NYC so I decided, “Go where they want you bitch!” So I moved to Berlin for 4 years. They have a great cabaret scene there that’s part of their culture and I loved it and performed all over Europe. But then NYC was calling me back and I am very happy to be back home.

You reunited with Joey Arias and Raven-O recently at Indochine. How was the show?
Oh my god, I can honestly say that the Bar d’O Reunion with Joey and Raven was the show of the year! It was completely sold out and we tore the roof off and had a blast! Hopefully, we’ll make it an annual holiday event.

When will the three of you get together again?
Well those 2 whores are in Vegas now so I think the next possible reunion will be Christmas in NYC or jail in Vegas.

After the jump Sherry tells us her New Year’s resolutions.


You perform all over the world according to your website. What are your favorite places to play?
I have been very lucky to perform all over the world. Most recently, my favorite places to perform have been Helsinki and Tallinn. I’ve been twice in the past 6 months and the shows were very well received and I love the people and can’t wait to return! I’ll be performing for the first time in El Salvador this February so maybe that will become a fave also!

What are you currently working on?
I moved back to NYC to begin production on my theatre company’s new show, Stephen King’s Carrie. We are slated for an April premiere and have Mr. King’s blessing and rights. This will be Theatre Couture’s 7th production.

We know your pals with Billie Ray Martin. Will you two ever collaborate?
I adore Billie! We’ve known each other since the Dark Ages. We have always talked about writing a Dining Guide together because we are both notoriously picky and a pain in the ass in a restaurant. I’m glad she’s happy in London. We would have bitch fests over lunch in Berlin!

What are your New Year’s resolutions?
I have the same New Year’s resolutions every year; get in shape, no smoking, blah blah blah. So this year I’m just focusing on letting go of any bullshit around me or things that don’t make me happy. Generally, I’m very happy, content and healthy so I really can’t complain!

Do you ever read blogs? Would you ever blog like Bunny or Ru?
I haven’t gotten into the blog thing yet although I’ve read Bunny’s a few times and she is retarded. When my new website is done (hopefully by February) I’ll start.

Any season’s greetings you’d like to send The Gays?

Please tell The Gays to keep up the good work! I wish our government would jump on the bandwagon and get their gay rights shit together!! As a heterosexual woman I would like to thank all of my gay fans and friends.