Queerty ReBUTTal: Lewd Larry Craig Edition

You knew it was inevitable. We’ve dedicated this week’s Queerty ReBUTTal to everyone favorite ho of an Idahoan Senator: Larry Craig.

Since Monday, when Roll Call broke the story of Craig’s lewd conduct arrest, we’ve written 35 posts on or referencing the scandal. Those posts have generated more comments than we can count. That’s why we dispatched intern Paul to sift through your missives and pick five.

Yes, five. One for each day since the scandal broke. So, without further ado, we give you the five top Craig-related comments of the week!

We’re going to skip over Monday, because the story broke late and Craig only got one post that day. We will, however, agree with James_Boston’s wry observation: “A Right-wing, family-values Republican caught trolling for sex with men in a bathroom? It must be Monday.” Funny, but also sort of sad. But mostly funny.

Now, let’s get down to business with Tuesday. One of the most thought provoking comments didn’t come from an American at all – or, at least, not one who’s living in the States. Responding to a post on Richard Kim’s piece in The Nation, “Tallskin,” who resides in the UK, broke Craig’s case down to the religious level:

As far as I see it from over here gays in the US have got to unite with secularists and atheists to bash and force the religious back into the private sphere. Because religion is always going to be anti-gay and provides the intellectual framework, the bedrock, upon which all other types of homophobia is based.

Yes, religion’s been used to build up homophobic institutions, but it’s not the only one. Capitalism doesn’t hurt, for starters. Also, we’re still not convinced religion’s the root of all evil. Nor can we say religion is always anti-gay. It can be used in anti-gay ways, but it doesn’t strike us as an essentially homophobic social mechanism.

Moving on, Wednesday brought an interesting discussion on whether or not Larry Craig and his ilk are necessarily gay. Most of the men arrested for similar crimes have families, which led us to argue Craig’s not necessarily gay. This could be a great opportunity to expand our sexual horizons. Some of you agreed. Some of you weren’t down. Reader Matt did not see things our way:

I think it IS a “gay issue” when a homophobic culture forces men to live double lives (even men who don’t earn their livings by passing laws and Constitutional amendments against gays and lesbians). These commuter trysts are very common, and more often than not wedding rings are prominently displayed by upstanding suburban Christian republican family-values businessmen who’re on their knees next to a urinal in a train station with a stranger’s dick in their mouths.

We chose this comment not necessarily for the content, but for the emphasis on commuter trysts. Obviously this issue has come up before, but it makes us wonder what’s so compelling about these trysts. Aside from the danger and erotic taboo, it’s the anonymity. These men are transient, ethereal. Their actions don’t exist on the same plane as their home lives. Maybe they are gay, we don’t know. One thing’s for sure, these men are not grounded.

The next comment related more to Lindsay Lohan than to Larry Craig, although Craig’s name came up. You see, rehabbing Lohan allegedly got caught getting nasty in the toilet. We said, “No, it wasn’t with Larry Craig,” or something. Anyway, reader Heather L James brings up a good, yet flawed, point: “What is with all these people boffing in toilets? You don’t crap in the bedroom, so why screw in the loo? Enough already!” Well, some people do crap in the bedroom. You know, scat and all that. We personally think it’s gross, so we’re totally feeling your reasoning. Also, it’s rude to hog a stall for a blow job. People have to pee!

The release of Craig’s interrogation tape caused quite a stir – and stirred up a few comments. Jean Meiring wrote:

Clearly, it’s a waste of public resources for this sort of behaviour to be policed. Are there not many actual crimes being committed in the US to which the police’s time might be more fruitfully devoted?

We thought their time was being used fruitfully. But, seriously, you’ve got a point. Aren’t women getting raped, like, every .03 seconds? Toilet queens are getting some consensual head. No biggie.

Our final comment comes from today’s post on Nina Burleigh’s GOP commentary. In her piece, Burleigh wrote that the Repubicans need to accept their gays or go down with them. Reader cjc added an often overlooked observation:

Why do gay GOPers stay in the closet?

Simple: heterosexual privilege. They can hide their proclivities and portray themselves as upstanding WASPy citizens with the conventional, traditional American nuclear family and conventional ideals of wealth, power and success.

Being able to uphold this image while secretly engaging in gay sex allows them to stay channeled into the streams of economic and political power. That power is more addictive than any drug, and is more compelling to them than living lives of integrity and honesty.


On that note, have honest weekend and do please try to keep some of your integrity intact.

PS: Now the count’s up to 36.