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    Stomping a persons head, Joe Millers thugs in Alaska handcuffing and detaining a reporter for asking an “off limits” question…….Not much of a suprise here. The tea party are simply following the lead of the party they really want to emulate………


  • Lawrence

    WTF is going on in this clip?

  • Alex

    I’d love to know know the full story, because it almost looks like an assault.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    What is it with these conservatives beating up women? I have yet to meet a male conservative who isn’t a little snot nose punk.

  • tjr101

    If this doesn’t anger and motivate you to go out and vote next week what will?

  • reason

    Could you imagine if instead of saying no no no come on that man said get her, that guy would have lynched her right there in the middle of a public square. Taking into account the shootings during Katrina there is clearly a thin sliver holding conservatives back from their true murderous nature. When that material snaps they are going to be out to lynch us all, I am not dumb enough not to support gun rights because, with individuals like that loose in society there may come a day where we will need every gun we can get our hands on.

  • customartist

    These are the Parents of those kids who Bully other kids.

  • Thom Freeheart

    This is no different than what the Union thugs did to those who opposed Obamacare at those town hall meetings last year. Both parties have nutcases that get unnecessarily violent.

    Hopefully the thugs in this video will be arrested and charged.

  • Joe

    props to that lady for jumping in

  • MCONYC08

    What the hell is WROOONG with people in AMERICA??

    It’s like everybody has all this anger bottled up over I don’t what and they’re all becoming so violent and filled with hate and it’s just freaking scary!!!

    Jesus f’ing christ?!?!

  • Syl

    @Thom Freeheart: This. Violence and thuggery are condemnable regardless which side of the aisle commits it.

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: Wow, Godwin in the first comment. Guess the discussion’s over.

  • D Smith

    has anyone else noticed the police officer standing there watching this happen @5-8 seconds in on the video?

  • swarm

    This event is not a reflection on Paul or any of the other groups everyone is over-dramatizing.

    Lauren Valle, the professional “foot on shoulder victim” is a professional agitator and ~organizer who was charged with felony unauthorized entry of a critical infrastructure (R.S. 14:62.3) and unauthorized entry of an inhabited dwelling (R.S. 14:62.3) in May 2010. The New Orleans Joint Terrorism Taskforce was involved. Google that ^ to see the info.

    She was also detained in China for disruptive political activities as a Greenpeace organizer.

    She willfully has stalked, taunted, harassed, and run threateningly towards the candidate, knowingly moving through a group of men who were NOT professionally trained in crowd control. People removed her from rushing the candidate’s open car window prior to this clip and she ran around the car to repeat her actions. She admits to knowing them and vice verse from prior bad acts in the name of agitating. Yet she showed up in a wig and later changed her story to “they know me”. In a Dolly Parton wig? Carrying an object?

    NO sympathy whatsoever for this professional deadbeat wasting taxpayer dollars, regardless of the unnecessary overreaction by the campaign worker. He’ll be charged with some misdemeanor but she will continue trying to be a noteworthy would-be felonious terrorist. If my kid did the same thing, I’d say wtf did you expect, dumb ass?

    John Lennon and President Reagan were both shot at similar close range. She took a risk and a predictable outcome was realized. Wonder if the MSNOBAMA media is going to investigate her financial resources and history like they did Joe The Plumber.

    If the candidate were Obama instead of Paul, and she had a firearm instead of an unknown object (fake “trophy”), the foot stomper would be proclaimed a HERO and his overzealous reaction applauded.

  • Soupy

    Clearly, there was no need to hold her head down with a foot.

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