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Rep. John Conyers Is So Pro-Gay He Reads About Lesbians In Playboy On Plane Rides

Michigan’s Democratic Rep. John Conyers, who has consistently voted in favor of the homos for years, was videotaped on a Detroit-to-D.C. flight flipping through an issue of Playboy in his aisle seat, pausing to stop on an article about lesbian sex. This proves two things: 1) The 81-year-old Conyers still prefers the printed page to a Kindle; and 2) He prefers classy porn.

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  • reason

    He is a co-sponser of EDNA and DOMA repeal and voted for the repeal of DADT. At 81 with his wife in jail, I think he has a right to look at magazines. It surly is better than all of those escorts and prostitutes that the GOP is hiring.

  • reason

    Should also post the story on Tom DeLay “the hammer” heading to the slammer. Voting for a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage was just the tip of the iceberg for the former speaker of the house. He got a whopping 7% rating on civil rights. He was convicted today on charges that could put him away for a life sentence.

  • jason

    There’s something repulsive about men who ogle lesbians. There’s also something repulsive about women who go lesbian to please a sleazy straight guy.

    Overall, Playboy magazine is basically trash. Its owner Hugh Hefner is trash personified.

  • Tony

    I give him credit for apparently taking a commercial flight. Many members of Congress manage to get rides on private aircraft.

  • Darren

    @jason: Repulsive, sleazy, trash personified; my, my Jason. Aren’t we having a judgmental day?

    Do you suppose anyone might place readers of Queerty in that category?

    Take a few antacids, girlfriend.

  • marco

    I don’t have any problem with Playboy or the Senator reading Playboy…. but on a plane!? That’s pretty bold/odd, no?

  • reason

    @marco: I believe playboy is mostly articles, pretty softcore they sell it in the airport. Their is plenty of stuff in there that doesn’t involve sex.

    Sleazy was Newt impeaching Clinton in the midst of his own affair, I bet his wife was wishing that he read playboy instead of sticking it in another women.

  • Chpinnlr

    Does Playboy even count as porn anymore, in this day and age?

  • European

    I’ve seen supposedly mainstream “exercise” magazines that are more provocative than Playboy.

    If the congressman had been holding the magazine vertically and ooggling an open centerfold, I would say it’s at the least in bad taste. It appears that he really is reading text. Anyone who’s spent much time in an airport knows that magazines such as Playboy are big sellers in the airport newsstands.

    Forgive the stereotype, but Americans can come across as very prudish when it comes to nudity. I think it’s unfortunate that sexuality is viewed by so many as sleazy.

  • jason


    I think you’re confusing sexuality with sleazy. Sexuality is free. It costs nothing. It’s inclusive. Sleazy is when money changes hands. Sleazy is when people perform sex acts for the benefit of a third party voyeur.

    When I say I’m against Playboy, that doesn’t mean I’m against sexuality. Playboy is NOT sexuality. It’s using sex as a marketing ploy to make money for the owner of Playboy. Therefore, it’s sleazy.

    A lot of people think that people who are opposed to commercialized sex are opposed to sex per se. That’s not the case.

  • mcc

    so jason, i take it you don’t watch any porn? take your self righteous garbage and shove it. these antiquated notions of sex..

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