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Rep. Steve King: Gays Wouldn’t Need ENDA If They Weren’t So Homosexual at Work

Did you know Iowa Republican Rep. Steve King, the U.S. House’s most talented comedian, is still on tour? After his “Gay Marriage Breeds Socialism” and “Kevin Jennings Is Bad For America’s Kids” stops, King is on a “Gays Don’t Need ENDA If They Would Hide Their Sexuality At Work” tear.

Speaking with Family Research Council President Tony Perkins on his radio show about ENDA, King was a sympathetic ear to Perkins’ concerns about Christian businesses being forced by law to let those cross-dressers use their bathrooms of choice.

“I can imagine someone coming in and interviewing one day in man’s clothes and come back the next day and apply for a job in woman’s clothes, and then setting up a lawsuit in a sting operation to harass our religious organization,” says King. Which is a valid fear, because raise your hand if you didn’t plan on doing this at your place of work. Just like all you lady whores wear slutty blouses and male sluts wear junk-hugging slacks just so you can file sexual harassment claims against your bosses.

At Queerty HQ, we fire people for being straight, which is perfectly legal under current law. That’s why we don’t support ENDA! (That’s a joke, kiddos.)

(Jeremy Hooper has the full audio.)

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  • Fitz

    The appropriate response, from now on, to statements like this is: Will you stop hiring male escorts? Sucking dick under bathroom stalls? Groping your interns?

  • Cam

    Yeah, and blacks wouldn’t have to worry about job discrimination if they didn’t look so ….Black at work. And women wouldn’t have to worry about discrimination if they didn’t insist on being such….women at work.

  • Flex

    Tony Perkins, and Steve King will be the next pervert avengers. They’re both unnaturally obsessed with our gay lives; however, they do earn a lot of money while doing it, but so did Larry Craig, Ted Haggert, the entire Vatican, and the other countless scores of self loathing, closeted perverts.

    I’m guessing this will be a no vote from Mr. King. We should focus our resources on legal organizations that will fight for our rights. My faith rests in the state and federal court system!


  • delurker again

    Gay conservatives, please defend this douchenozzle King as you oppose ENDA yourselves.

  • Paschal

    @Flex: I wouldn’t include the Vatican in that. All the Vatican is is an organisation of ignorant people obseesed with self-preservation over the health and safety of children. That’s all. I don’t think that a large number of Catholic clergy are gay it’s just that they don’t have healthy sexual experiences and this leads some to commit terrible acts.

  • Paschal

    @Paschal: Just to add something: over 90% of priests are estimated to be heterosexual. I feel like such a nerd.

  • GayGOP

    @delurker again: As conservative as I am, and I am somewhere between Gingrich and Buchanan on most issues, I cannot defend this guy. He is that crazy person who spouts off conspiracy theories left and right.

  • Steve

    The various “Gay-Inc” organizations could make very quick progress on gay-rights legislation by one simple expedient:

    Offer a reward for proof that any rabidly anti-gay elected official is actually gay, or is a child-abuser of any sort. Offer a substantial reward for proof that leads to indictment or resignation of said official.

    I suspect the number of rabidly anti-gay elected officials would quickly be reduced to a very small number, as they are indicted or resign. The remaining neutral and pro-gay elected officials would quickly enact things like anti-discrimination and equal-marriage laws.

  • hephaestion

    Is Steve King a closet case? ‘Cause normal straight guys never obsess over gays like this & make up crazy-ass lies about us.

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