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Rep. Steve King: Gays Wouldn’t Need ENDA If They Weren’t So Homosexual at Work

Did you know Iowa Republican Rep. Steve King, the U.S. House’s most talented comedian, is still on tour? After his “Gay Marriage Breeds Socialism” and “Kevin Jennings Is Bad For America’s Kids” stops, King is on a “Gays Don’t Need ENDA If They Would Hide Their Sexuality At Work” tear.

Speaking with Family Research Council President Tony Perkins on his radio show about ENDA, King was a sympathetic ear to Perkins’ concerns about Christian businesses being forced by law to let those cross-dressers use their bathrooms of choice.

“I can imagine someone coming in and interviewing one day in man’s clothes and come back the next day and apply for a job in woman’s clothes, and then setting up a lawsuit in a sting operation to harass our religious organization,” says King. Which is a valid fear, because raise your hand if you didn’t plan on doing this at your place of work. Just like all you lady whores wear slutty blouses and male sluts wear junk-hugging slacks just so you can file sexual harassment claims against your bosses.

At Queerty HQ, we fire people for being straight, which is perfectly legal under current law. That’s why we don’t support ENDA! (That’s a joke, kiddos.)

(Jeremy Hooper has the full audio.)