Makes Us Question Everything!

Richard Cohen Blows Our Gay Minds

Richard Cohen has been a busy boy.

It’s been only three months since the ex-gay activist released his reparative children’s book, Alfie’s Home, and now Cohen’s penned a piece for parents with queer kids.

In this volume – Gay Children, Straight Parents: A Plan for Family Healing – Cohen offers progenitors some twelve-step advice on how to cope with their bent babies.

In addition to asking God for guidance and honing communication skills, parents are told to investigate their child’s gay impetus, which, Cohen claims, may come from a morally lax culture. Box Turtle Bulletin explains:

Since Cohen believes it is “trendy to be ‘gay’ or ‘bi’,” he holds the media, schools, politicians and the Internet responsible for “enrolling young, impressionable and vulnerable children into a lifestyle that will ultimately betray them.” It’s another variation on the recruitment theme: if the gays don’t get you, television will.

Cohen believes that our culture has turned “gay” into a false identity and he literally cries out, “There is no such thing as ‘gay’; there are only hurt children looking for love. (Emphasis in the original.)”

What about all the kids with healthy family relations? Do they simply not exist? Are they figments of our collective imagination? If so, why are we all experiencing the same dream? And, what’s more, if we’re experiencing the same dream, why are there such nightmarish characters as Richard Cohen? Someone wake us up!