Ride ‘Em Cowboy

We don’t remember the last time we’ve ridden a big hairy beast, but it’s been awhile. Come to think of it, too long. Anyway, this got us to thinking about rodeos. Gay rodeos.


The International Gay Rodeo Association has over two dozen chapters devoted to promoting the “country western lifestyle.” In case you’re wondering there’s no connection to Dollywood. We checked. It’s been around for 20 years and helps hot country boys and girls get more comfortable participating in rural activities with their fellow rural queers.

With event names like “bareback riding” and “pole bending” you’d assume that a homo cowboy invented the rodeo. We can’t confirm or deny that, but we do know that gay rodeos are a step up from any straight rodeo you might find in, say, Crawford, Texas. This past weekend’s Best of the Buck outside San Francisco proves it:

Drag queens parade in front of the stands, primping for the “wild drag race,” in which they must climb onto a bucking steer with the help of a cowboy and cowgirl. After the rodeo, dances and pool parties last far into the night.

The drag queens included a one “Destiny B. Childs” who was decked out as Wonder Woman; lasso, bustier, and all. There was no invisible plane in sight but plenty of participants in leather chaps.

Next up is Houston. All you Texans in the Houston area better saddle up for next weekend’s rodeo.

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