Actor Dead At 25

R.I.P. Brad Renfro

“Only the good die young,” they say, and that’s certainly the case with Brad Renfro. The young actor’s girlfriend found him dead yesterday at Renfro’s Los Angeles apartment. While police do not have a cause of death yet, many suspect drugs, for it’s no secret that the 25-year old had addiction issues.

Kentucky-native Renfro got his start back in 1994, when Joel Schumacher directed him, Susan Sarandon and Tommy Lee Jones in The Client. It wasn’t long until Renfro began his occupational climb, landing roles in Apt Pupil, Sleepers and Tart. Unfortunately Renfo couldn’t resist the pull of drugs, booze and scandal.

After falling on exceptionally hard times – including an arrest in Skid Row – Renfro seemed poised to get his life back on track. He was working hard on his sobriety. He was doing well,” said his lawyer yesterday.

Though certainly famous, Renfro never let the limelight go to his head: “I’’ll always be Brad Renfro, born on July 25, 1982. Nothing’s going to change that. It won’t be any different.”