Rosanne Cash’s “Land Of Dreams” Touts America’s Diversity, Including The Gays, For New Tourism Push

The video for Rosanne Cash’s patriotic anthem “Land of Dreams” is being used in a first-ever global ad encouraging tourists to come to the United States. But wedged in between images of sun-kissed surfers and the bustle of Times Square, there’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it scene featuring real-life gays Gideon Hodge and Edward Cox of New Orleans. (You can see them at about the 1:15 mark.)

“[The ad] was forward-thinking enough to include a gay couple in a very casual manner,” says Hodge. “There are wonderful gay neighborhoods in New Orleans and we were proud that this was showcased in the first ever international U.S. tourism commercial.”

Below, a local news story about the men’s involvement.