Second Complaint to Be Filed Against Mormon Church

donorexpend1With the Mormon Church’s involvement in financing the Yes on 8 campaign under investigation by the California Fair Political Practices Commission, Fred Karger, founder of Californians Against Hate plans to file another complaint against the church for failing to file its campaign finance reports on time. The church had previously claimed it had only spent $2000 in contributions, but announced at the end of January that the figure was closer to $200,000. Roman Porter, the Executive director of the CFPPC had previously stated, “cases like these hinge over what had to be reported and when it had to be reported.”

Karger seems to want to drive that point home.

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  • John M

    If either of these go anywhere and the church faces consequences for breaking the law I can already hear the cries of religious persecution.

  • IntolerantFaith

    The real crime here was, that as a 501c3 non-profit, they are barred from targeting the public with political propaganda, which most certainly is the case.

  • Monica Roberts

    Do any of you even understand the importance of KOLOB and the KOKAUBEAUM?

    Y’all bitches is treading into very deep spiritual mud with some VERY THIN PUMPS!

    You had better carefully re-read your Books of Mormon about the Prophet Joseph’s vision in the Sacred Grove before you start trampolining on the TRUE church.

    “Tread carefully and carry a big dick..” is the advice I was taught long ago by a very wise (yet wall eyed queen) in Houston before learning to cruise Ruth Ann’s.

    I’m just warning you gulls…

  • HiveRadical

    The problem with all this is that these things are consistently misrepresented, note that in the photo section of this article the box next to the word “amendment” is not checked. The seeming intention of both what’s said in this and other articles on this same point is to portray this like the Church is giving this information late, after it’s required reporting time frame, or in response to the complaints. All of those implications are incorrect. The Church on this report was two days EARLY and the report on the ‘in-kind’ contributions that equaled some 180 something thousand was not a late reporting at all, there was no legal wrong doing in the timing of the report and the report was not given in response in any way to the previous complaint filed, nor to the investigations. This is all fodder for those seeking a convenient scapegoat to rally around to advance a fringe ideological agenda intended to reshape society completely.

    And “IF,” you have it wrong, they are not barred from participating politically when and where it’s not tied to a specific political party or individual candidate. Churches have all the right in the world to speak out on matters of social, ethical, or moral matters when and where they come up. And if you want to finally get more accurate and you bring up the clause citing the limitation that is set to keep such non-profit organizations from using a “substantial” amount of their resources toward influencing an election you’ve got quite the job before you. I can assure you that the 180 something thousand dollars, and even the time spent, amount to nothing when you compare it to the scale of all the other church activities and efforts.

  • Charles J. Mueller

    “Karger seems to want to drive that point home.”

    As well he should!

    Those magical undies bastards have it coming. Let them get a taste of their own medicine and what persecution really feels like.

    Then, just maybe, they will STFU and sit down for a change.

    These are hard times and money is hard to come by. Retail stores are closing left and right, manufacturing facilities are downsizing and flirting with bankruptcy and the unemployment rate is increasing by leaps and bounds.

    I say let them bankrupt themselves pursing persecution, bigotry, hatred and discrimination. We will rise to challenge each time they do. After, we have a lot more discretionary income than they do.

    When they have run out of money, then they will have run out of ammunition. The war will then be over for these idiots and they can grumble and gnash teeth all they want, just as they had to do when they lost the battle for woman’s suffage, slavery and black civil-rights.

    “Morality which depends upon the helplessness of a man or woman has not much to recommend it. Morality is rooted in the purity of our hearts.” – Mohandas Gandhi

  • tavdy79

    @IntolerantFaith: even if that’s true (which I doubt – there are freedom of speach issues) they’ll be able to get away with it by claiming the propaganda was produced by a third party. In practice we all know that’s bullcrap, since the Prop 8 campaign was virtually run from Salt Lake, but it’ll be a bitch to prove.

  • Melvin

    I have some many complaints against gay people. What can I do? I am hard of hearing Hispanic of 35 years old, from Guatemala. I really feel isolated, hurt and broken by the gay communities. What can I do? Is this discrimination against a hard of hearing? Does the Constitution says that we are all equals. I wonder if I have no rights to have sex with the same sex. Is this against the law when a guy do not want to have sex with me just because I am hard of hearing and discrimination against of nationality and accent and hearing impairment. I will be thankful to your cooperation and your help.

  • Melvin

    I regret so much because I cannot go back to Guatemala and feel safe because there are lots of danger and I cannot be in Guatemala being so happy. Because I do not plan to stay United States for so long. Because that’s my plan. I stayed here for a while but I cannot go back and I need to be well and feel equipped in my country. But, Guatemala does not accept people and do not give gay rights because I cannot be happy being in Guatemala. So, I am not also happy being in United States. So, America is not the place I was thinking about the American Dream. America has never given me all of the rights and I have been here for twenty years. All of the gays fucked so much and enjoyed life but I have never enjoyed. That’s never fair. But, what I can say. I hate you. I do not say anymore that I love you.

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