Čedomir Jovanović Comes Out On Top

Serbian Gays Take On Presidential Candidates

We American queers aren’t the only ones fighting for a gay-friendly president. Serbia’s Gay-Straight Association asked their nine presidential candidates to answer a homo-centric questionnaire. Only four people – none of them likely leaders – took the time to reply:

The questions pertained to anti-discriminatory laws, social distance toward gay persons, violence, and what is seen as the most controversial, same-sex partnerships.

According to the GSA chairman Boris Milićević, who spoke to reporters in Belgrade today, only [ÄŒedomir] Jovanović (pictured) insists on removing all discriminatory provision from existing laws, as well as on instituting “hate crime” into the criminal legislature.

As for social distance, all four presidential hopefuls said they have homosexual acquaintances, without encountering any problems in cooperation or communication.

Jovanović was also the only candidate who believed anti-gay violence to be “widespread”. Only inclusive education can eradicate intolerance, he said.