Coming out

The short film “Wonderkid” explores the challenges of being a gay professional athlete

Homophobia remains a serious issue in the world of sports, and it’s the issue at the heart of director Rhys Chapman’s captivating short film, Wonderkid.

Broadchurch‘s Chris Mason stars as a professional football player grappling with the fact that he’s gay; a particular challenge when you’re entrenched in the hyper-masculine world of competitive sports.

The film is part of the #BEYOURSELF campaign, which raises awareness about the dearth openly gay athletes. The protagonist has to come to terms with homophobic friends, cruel locker room antics, antigay slurs on social media, and, of course, with his own yearnings.

You can watch both the trailer and the film in its entirety below. It’s worth checking out.

You can watch the film in its entirety here.

h/t: Homorazzi