Wedding bells

Which fashion icon just got engaged at Chipotle?

This may be the start of the next big marketing trend: Branded marriage proposals.

Because what better way to say “I’m serious about you and want to live my remaining years on this planet by your side” than by cashing a check from a fast-food restaurant.

We have no idea if that is what’s going on in this video uploaded by fashion designer Marc Jacobs, but even if Chipotle wasn’t supplying financial padding (we hope they at least got a complimentary burrito bowl), it’s still a solid idea and Insta-famous couples had better pay us a commision after they book their next Taco Bell proposal experience.

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But the video’s opening image, a perfectly framed exterior shot of the outside of the eatery, definitely suggests there’s a relationship between the happy couple — Charly Defrancesco and Jacobs — and Chipotle.

Watch the flash mob pico de gallo jamboree below:

We hear the wedding is going to have one hell of an open salsa bar.