Straight Teacher Labeled Lezzie for a Laugh


Kids these days! We just don’t know what to make of them. Apparently two oh-so-clever students in San Antonia thought it’d be fun to take the piss out of their assistant principal, Anne Draker by creating a phony Myspace page that deemed her a lesbian.

The site had been up a month before Draker found out. It was taken down after she informed the site that it was fake.

Assuming the kids had a good three laughs on weekdays and five on the weekends, how many laughs is that? And, assuming Draker, who is married with children, cried five times an hour after finding out, who had the most fun?

Answer: who ever wins the pending lawsuit. Draker’s suing both the kids and their parents, which begs the question: for what the hell do you sue a child? Lunch money? Their tiara?