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Straight TV host reveals he was once in love with hugely popular gay screenwriter

Vasco Moulian is a Chilean TV producer and host. He’s appeared on several Chilean reality shows as a guest judge and commentator, and he hosted a late night talk show for several years called Sin Dios Ni Late.

During a recent appearance on the show Zona de Estrellas de Zona Latina, 48-year-old Moulian opened up a time he found himself falling in love with another man back in the 1990s.

“He is a person that attracted me,” he said. “I was in theater school at the time. I was heterosexual. But I liked Pablo Illanes a lot.”

Illanes is an openly gay Chilean screenwriter and the creator of several hugely successful telenovelas, as well as the HBO series Prófugos. He has over 30 TV and film credits to his name.

When he’s not writing hit television programs, he’s posting thirst traps of himself and his boyfriend on Instagram.

Moulain explained that he and Illanes “spent time” together when they were in their 20s, although he didn’t elaborate and what exactly they did during that time, other than travel all over the place.

“I found him so talented and we traveled together to Europe, Barcelona, ​​New York,” he recalled, adding that Illanes was “cute and tender” and that it felt like “love.”

“But I was always afraid,” he recalled, though he “didn’t really understand why.”

When asked if he’s ever spoken about his feelings for Illanes before, Moulain, who is now married to a woman and has two kids, replied, “It’s the first time I’ve said it.”

And when asked if he still had feelings for him, Moulain simply said, “I have a lot of affection and a lot of respect for Pablo.”

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