Dance therapy

Students at NYU’s performing arts school demand tuition back, dean responds video?

Switching over to remote education isn’t ideal for anyone, but for students at the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU, it’s a deal breaker. Dance and acting classes that rely on intimacy between students and instructors cannot be replicated via Zoom, and students have asked for refunds on their hefty $58k private tuition.

But instead of refunds, students received what’s been described as a ‘tone-deaf’ dance video from the school’s dean, Allyson Green, set to REM’s “Losing My Religion.”

That’s….almost like a refund? Without the money part.

In Green’s response, she says she does not have the authority to refund tuition and that it’s “challenging” for the institution to return any money back in the current moment.

Here’s the video she sent students for context:

The student who shared the video adds that “in the text of the email, she invited us to ‘dance along’ with her”.

We’re going to assume nobody took her up on that.