STUDY: Most Gay And Bi Men Prefer Sex Toys And Finishing First In Bed

Indiana University’s Kinsey Institute recently analyzed survey responses from around 25,000 Manhunt and D-List users regarding where they like to blow their wads, the age when they first gave head and the sex toys they most enjoy putting inside of them.

Not only are the results surprising—do half of all men really bottom their first time ever having sex?—but Manhunt has also put them into a handy little interactive site complete with animated penis firecrackers, British sperm and a jack-in-the-box that pops out a Fleshlight. Fun!

Manhunt and DList may not make an ideal representative sample for all gay and bi men (especially older men, men of color and men with limited internet access), but the study does at least paint an accurate picture of the sex lives of men cruising the web.

It’s almost as interesting as the recent study that showed that young gays enjoy sex less than their older counterparts… except with more animation.