Take A Virtual Trip Around The World In Best Of GayCities 2012

Best of GayCities 2012 is asking you to create a personalized “Ultimate Dream Voyage” itinerary by mapping your favorite travel destinations around the globe. Have you dreamed of sunbathing in Ibiza or testing the snowy slopes of Aspen? Choose your ideal vacation and share it with your friends for a chance to win a free trip to the island paradise of Curaçao.

GayCities member dcalh is a 22-year-old art lover from Philadelphia who starts his “Ultimate Dream Voyage” in his hometown before jetting off to the nightlife mecca of Berlin and the far off land of welcoming Reykjavik. Check out his full dream travel itinerary:

Romance City: Rome

City That Never Sleeps: Berlin

Food & Wine City: Philadelphia

Beach Resort Town: Curaçao

Scenic City: Pittsburgh

Pride City: Reykjavik

Start your “Ultimate Dream Voyage” today!

Photo: bryenh

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