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Tarotscopes that slay for eclipse season

As a non-binary being, I can’t help but notice the other binaries we limit ourselves within. Like how our culture prescribes to the idea that you’re either a beauty or a brain, you’re an athlete or an inventor. Perhaps you, too, feel like you have to choose between a spiritual life or a physical one. The solution to any limiting binary (and I would argue they all are) is to realize you don’t actually have to choose.

I don’t have to choose between being masculine or feminine, I get to explore and express the almost limitless space between them and beyond them. And you don’t have to pick whether to be spiritually inclined or a master of ordinary reality, you can explore and express how the seen and the unseen weave together— dipping into numinous waters and tangible shores whenever you are so compelled.

Eclipse Season, where we currently find ourselves, is exactly that time when the alignment of worlds allows us to merge and meld in extraordinary ways. Consider, the Sun and the Moon and the Earth find themselves in a perfect spatial configuration that allows them to engage, block and reveal each other. These are not just planets and stars; they are worlds. The Earth is a world, the Sun and Moon, too. During this time other worlds get to more easily influence each other. And not just the ones we can see. I’m talking about future worlds and present worlds, invisible worlds and physical worlds, worlds of fate and worlds of choice.

Imagine we were in a car together, driving through our lives. Most of the time, the windows are fogged up.  All you can see is right in front of you. But during Eclipse Season, the windows become crystal clear. You can not only see where you are, but where else you could go! Maybe you see a sharp left turn that takes you closer to your destiny, a road to destiny you only saw because of this alignment of worlds.

The best thing you can do during an Eclipse Season is to pay attention. You are uniquely capable of seeing clearly what is ordinarily concealed. Try to notice even the little things that are pointing you in a much bigger direction. Because we are in alignment with the Nodes of Fate (or as I like to think of them: The Doors of Destiny), nothing is arbitrary. Every conversation, delayed flight, discovered book, dropped call, is happening for you. It’s the world on the outside of the glass trying to get you to notice.

This Eclipse Season is happening during Scorpio Season, a time when the veil between the seen and unseen is believed to be very fine. So add the two of them together and you’re looking at a special four weeks when maybe you don’t just see through the glass windows, you roll them down. Maybe you stop the car and get out, wandering about the fields on the side of the rod. Maybe you even invite a bluebird or a stray dog into the car with you. What I’m trying to say is: this is a thin time. You can cross between, jump timelines, accelerate your potential. Eclipses are portals that get us to where we need to be, but not always where we want to be. So don’t be scared, rather, get excited, curious and accepting.

The two Eclipses that compose Eclipse Season are a Solar Eclipse in Taurus (also a New Moon) happening on Tuesday and a very intense and spicy Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio occurring on November 8th. I’m not going to go into detail about them here because our latest podcast is all about Eclipse Season and I want you to enjoy the conversation Angel and I had with Jeff Hinshaw of Cosmic Cousins, digging into all these juicy astrological events.

But I did just want to drop in and say this: Eclipses are not the enemy. They’re not to be feared, they are to be respected. Let yourself be led somewhere new and more aligned. Let wonder wash over you. Eclipses aren’t just portals, they’re protectors— protecting you from wasting your life, avoiding your soul, chasing the wrong things. It’s a very powerful time and you don’t have to do a thing to capitalize on it. No rituals needed. All you really have to do is look out through the windows and notice what you see.

And what would a Tarotscopes missive be without your Astro playlist to keep you moving and shaking along with the Zodiac?! Please enjoy Angel’s extra spicy Scorpio Season playlist to get you into the cosmic groove.

Lastly, our Cosmic Healing Retreat at the Kripalu Center in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts is this Friday and YES, you can still join us. We love a last minute situation, so maybe this Eclipse Season wants to throw you into the deep end of the magical pool with us. We can’t wait to cultivate that healing magic and share it with all of you in person.

Until next time, take care of yourselves, take care of each other and enjoy your Tarotscopes below.

Make sure to read for your Sun Sign first.


Death Rx

With Uranus hanging out in your home sign, I’m not surprised Death has graced you with their presence. Death, in the Tarot, is all about change. And Uranus in Taurus is trying to free you up through making a mess. The nice thing about Death reversed is that it’s a soft transformation, a gentle letting go. The more you can greet the big changes in your life, with love, the more gracefully you can cross over into this new way of being.


Page of Wands

Your spirit is preparing for something big. Your conscious mind may not be able to articulate it but there is a big gathering of resources happening for you right now. The Page of Wands is you when you trust divine timing. No need to force something to happen faster that it wants to. You’ll just be waiting on the other end for it to catch up to you. Rather, keep listening to soul. Let it put all the pieces into place. This is a slow, tender time for you before a big explosion of energy. Enjoy it, knowing something major is just on the other side of these eclipses.


Two of Cups

Love comes to those who love themselves. If you are trying to call in sacred partnership, ask yourself if there are aspects of yourself you’ve yet to fully invite into your heart. The Two of Cups shows us pouring into each other. Sometimes that’s you and your boo, other times that’s you and your spirit. The key here is to remember that all relationships are mirrors. They show us how we relate to ourselves. Eclipse Season may reveal parts of yourself you’re struggling to love, love them anyways. They may just hold the hidden gift you need— they usually do!


Queen of Swords

Whistle blowers may not be popular but they are willing to give voice to the truth. But before you can blow them whistle, you gotta remove the scales from your eyes. The Queen of Swords is you when you are unflinching in both sight and speech. This is an invitation to tell the truth on everyone— including yourself. In fact, telling the truth on yourself is the price of admission. Spend Eclipse Season seeing each and every issue and reltionship in your life with an impartial and penetrating gaze. Ask yourself where you could be wrong, where you could be the issue— you probably aren’t but it’s important to see these things from all sides.


The Empress

The harvest is over, now you can relax. The Empress invites you into her garden, she has prepared a bounty for you. Feast, revel, drink and sing. Take a moment to remember what all the work is for in the first place. And if you just can’t sit on your hands any longer, try to recapture some passion for all the efforts you put into everything all the time. Eclipse Season wants to inspire you, blow new breath into your lungs. Don’t keep grinding yourself down. Rest, rejoice, remember the productivity of joy. There is a deep invitation to let joy be the motivating force for you moving forwards. You remember joy don’t you? No? Let the Empress reintroduce you.


Five of Wands Rx

The energy of the Five of Wands is both forceful and playful. It wants to shake you up but, like, in a fun way. Wherever energy is stuck, the Five of Wands comes in to restore some flow. And yet here you are resisting this assistance. Here you are doubling down on your commitment to staying frozen. Don’t be afraid of some change. Don’t be afraid to try it in a new way. You see the figure in the card raising up the pink wand, that’s the universe trying to get your attention. While you struggle and hit your head against a wall, there’s a new organizing principle that can set you free and return you to flow. All you have to do is admit your old ways just aren’t cutting it at the moment.


Knight of Swords

Ooh child, with all this eclipse energy happing in the sign of your Sun, you’re bound to feel the effects most potently. So it’s no surprise the Knight of Swords is here to help you change your mind about a few things. This is an aspect of yourself that is unafraid to change direction, to admit where you were wrong. Sometimes the best thing we can do is cut our losses and pivot— the Knight of Swords excels in this. So wherever you’ve been follow a train of thought into a swamp, turn around and hightail it to the highlands. Sometimes we have to go far off-roading to realize which trailhead will lead us to our desired destination. Trust me, the thoughts in your head right now are not the proper trail— they’re just the fire road.


Judgement Rx

Judgement is one of those cards people really struggle to understand. It’s a big energy and it can be difficult to articulate. I like to start with Pluto, the planet traditionally associated with this card. Pluto asks us to transform, not just the outer package but the inner contents of our soul. Our souls are not fixed, they evolve and change shape as we experience new lessons and challenges. You’ve heard it a million times, I’m sure, the diamond gathers itself through the pressure. Judgment is that force which reshapes you. When it appears, it suggests a transformation of some sort is nearing completion. Your job is not to pretend you’re the same old you, but rather embrace this new you and allow others to embrace it too.


Three of Wands

Considered a sacred card of tremendous visionary power, the Three of Wands invites us to see the world in a new way. It takes us beyond what we know and helps us begin to comprehend worlds beyond the world, dreams beyond the dream. This card always feels like it’s connected to a deepening of intuition and insight— a spiritual upleveling, if you will. It can be rupturing to realize you’ve had your eyes half shut, but the Three of Wands will help you to not just see with eyes wide open but, more importantly, to look through the eyes of love. Spend this Eclipse Season seeing through your heart and you might just find you are able to envision a bigger, brighter reality than ever before.


Nine of Swords

Here she is, the Nine of Swords, staying up way passed her bedtime, agonizing over things she can’t control. This card forces us to face our fears, our anxieties and our darkest moods, head on. Sounds like fun, right? But here’s the thing, the Nine of Swords isn’t out to get us— it’s trying to help us see our fears and limitations and unconscious penchant for self-sabotage so that we can transcend it. Fear stops our souls from doing what they came here to do. The Nine of Swords steps in to say enough is enough. Fear is an illusion. Stop imagining the worst case scenario and ask yourself why imagining the best case scenario is even scarier. Spend this Eclipse Season getting right with your mind and investigating why you’re so hooked on nightmares. The sooner you realize it’s all in your head (and you can actually do something about that), the sooner you can get some sleep.


King of Pentacles Rx

What is the opposite of control? Take a moment, close you eyes, let it come to you… I’ll wait… What did you get? Chaos? Disorder? What about faith? What about trust? What about acceptance and surrender?  You see, the King of Pentacles is you when you take absolute control of your ordinary reality, your time, your resources, your words and your deeds. But the reversal suggests you need to step away from all of that and step into something more passive. Instead of trying to organize everything, all the time, what if you allowed yourself to be organized. Instead of forcing your will on the world, what if you tried to feel the will of the world and fold into its flow. I’m not talking about the world of men and money and matter— I’m talking about the world of spirit. The invisible forces that know better than we ever could, how to deliver us to a new brighter shore if only we could get out of their way. Spend Eclipse Season seeking out that invisible hand of spirit and let it lead the way.


Knight of Wands

Don’t ask me why but Ecllipse Season wants to light you up and let you shine. While everyone else may be facing some dark nights of the soul, you are primed to power up and put on a show. The Knight of Wands is you when you allow your natural raw charisma and force to pour out from you like a great wave. This is an energy that knows sexuality and sensuality, it knows how to attract and seduce, how to compel and be compelled. Make sure this Eclipse Season finds you out in the world because you will be on fire. And you never know who might be attracted to your unbridled authenticity. If Eclipses connect us to the doors of destiny, you want to make sure to be seen as you truly are. Don’t hold back, don’t hide in the back row. Step out, speak up and shine!

BRANDON ALTER is a spiritual healer, Tarot reader, Astrologer, mystic and writer living in Los Angeles. They are passionate about sharing spiritual tools that have helped them reconnect to the wisdom of their heart. Brandon is a thoroughly trained healer and teacher who co-hosts The Spiritual Gayz with their husband, a twice-monthly podcast dedicated to exploring the wide reaches of spirituality, without pretending that it all makes sense. Brandon’s mom took them to their very first psychic when they were seven and gave them their first Tarot deck when they were eleven. Since then Brandon has devoted themself to the study of Tarot, Yoga, Pilates, Reiki, Astrology and the myriad ways one can work and heal with the help of the spirits.

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