The Daily Skreeve: Mo’Nique, Madge, and Meltdowns

153047__monique_l.jpegMo’Nique loves the gays and we love her so much too. Please go see Phat Girlz. [Rod2.0]

• And essay on BET’s Down Low Exposed special, through the eyes of a person with HIV. [AfterElton]

• MK at Popbytes is just beside himself about Whitney Houston. Witness the meltdown–a.k.a., “The Gayest Blog Post Ever.” [Popbytes]

• Drag queens have hit the pages of The New York Times Magazine: an exclusive on The world needs to know these things. [PAYOR]

• Gay icon Lindsay Lohan gets booted from the Louis Vuitton campaign, in favor of cell-phone warrior gay icon Naomi Campbell. Apparently her good friend Robert Duffy, President of LV designer Marc Jacobs Int’l, knows she needs the work to pay her upcoming legal bills. [FemaleFirst]

Madonna‘s tour is going to be quite the swanky affair. [WOWReport]