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The Drag Queens These 2 Men Attacked Just Happened to Be Cage Fighters. Ouch


Don’t you hate it when you think you’re picking on a bunch of cross-dressing fags and they turn out to be kickass cage fighters dressing in drag for a night out? Dean Gardener and Jason Fender certainly do.

That’s because the pair, after spotting two men wearing wigs, heels and skirts, thought it would be funny to confront them and start throwing punches. Bad move, gents! Because those puffs were actually well-trained ass kickers.

A security camera caught the fight in South Wales, which was shown in court, and includes excellent shots of the cage fighters kicking the crap out of Gardener and Fender. Fun!

The duo (whose attorney blames their drinking, natch) were sentenced to electronic monitoring, a curfew, and four months of community service. And, hopefully, this life lesson: While it’s their bad luck they actually targeted cage fighters, drag queens in general aren’t worth messing with. Those girls will cut you.

(Thanks, Sherry!)