Best of GayCities 2011

The End Is Coming: Vote For Best Of GayCities 2011 Before Midnight Tonight!

The Best of GayCities 2011 contest wraps up tonight at midnight PST: Time to get in gear and pick your favorite metropolis in categories like Best Nightlife City, Best Dressed City, Best Resort Town and Best Pride City.

The competition has seen some real surprise results so far: Seattle is in the lead for the best city to settle downin, while Sao Paolo is second only to San Francisco for Best Pride City (we gotta get down there!). And Tel Aviv is running away with the Best City 2011 award. (Israeli men do make us weak in the knees.)

So hurry up: At midnight PST, it’s all over but the crying!

And remember, thanks to our friends at American Airlines, you can win a fabulous vacation package just by voting!

All winners will be announced on January 5. Anyone can vote but entrants must be GayCities members to qualify for vacation package.

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