The Jack McFarland Show: doomed from the start?

It seems the hammer has come down on the proposed Jack McFarland Show.

pict1.jpegWill & Grace comes to a close this season, and NBC execs had considered spinning off the queeny character Jack McFarland, played by Sean Hayes; but sources say Hayes is reconsidering, after witnessing the not-funny-at-all horror that befell “Joey Tribiani” in the awful Joey. Hayes is a talented actor–Billy’s Hollywood Screen Kiss, the movie that introduced Hayes to gay audiences in America, is one of the great gay independent films of our time. He needs to learn from Madonna (and certain ex-reality TV “stars” who now work for Queerty), and do something new.

We also presume the decision is lukewarm with NBC execs, as ratings for all their shows are sinking into the toilet and they are realizing they need to wipe the slate clean. The cast of Will & Grace is also rumored to be considering a movie based on the show, but everyone leaving a cancelled program says that to sound cool. We hope they don’t do it, as a Will & Grace movie would be ghastly.

Time to let Will & Grace go the way of the dodo bird [Yahoo UK}