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The Olds Get AIDS And Die

So much for wisdom coming with age: “People over 50 with HIV are more likely to be diagnosed with late-stage disease than younger adults, according to a British study. They are also more than twice as likely to die within a year of their HIV test as are younger people, even if they are diagnosed late. ‘We have a group of people who don’t get tested because they don’t think they are at risk,’ said Dr. Valerie Delpech, of the U.K. Health Protection Agency Center for Infections in London, who worked on the study.”

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  • Kevin, New Jersey

    Everyone’s going to die. You too.

    How are you planning to go? I, for one, am planning on not dying from AIDS. I’m fairly sure lung cancer is going to get me first.

  • Geoff M

    What an assinine headline.

  • Cliff

    Queerty reaches new tragic lows every day…

  • Ogre Magi

    Die, die we all pass away
    But don’t wear a frown cuz it’s really okay
    And you might try ‘n’ hide
    And you might try ‘n’ pray
    But we all end up the remains of the day

  • Jack E. Jett

    Was someone trying to be cute or witty with that fucking headline?

    Jeebus Freaking Christ…..why don’t you guys try cutting your Meth with some Valium?

  • L.

    This is the sort of headline that makes the lame puns on Morning Goods sound like some Oscar Wilde.

  • caffesilvia

    God, you’re all awful. Yuck.

  • Mike in Asheville, nee "in Brooklyn"

    You know Queerty, you guys really are douchebags many times more than you should be. Does everything need be so fucking snarky?

    I clicked the link and you guys truly missed the important and significant issues raised by the report: new cases among 50+ patients are less than 1 in 6 new cases; the numbers are also results of testing by those not previously tested (ie., getting tested is the best way to prevent HIV from becoming lethal as opposed to treatable), the extremely low number of cases in 50+, 299 of a population of 20 MILLION, “jumped” to 710, is still just 0.0035%.

    MOST IMPORTANTLY, the researcher reports: “It wasn’t all gay men,” Delpech stressed. “In fact, there were a large proportion of heterosexual men and women.”


    “Don’t fear the reaper
    40,000 men and women every day…”

    Of course that was back in the 70s. Today, its 140,000 men and women everyday. And it is more difficult for human immune systems to fight infections the older humans get, so, Queerty, WTF?

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