The Pope Reads Queerty

That’s a joke, of course, but because The Vatican has been having a gay old time this week at our expense, we want what payback we can get. First came that obnoxious “directive,” with its tacit implication that while gays may not become priests, former Hitler youths can. Not satisfied with a neat and simple ban, the Vatican had to multiply malign us, with gibberish about homosexuality being “objectively disordered.


Queerty calls for an objective evaluation of the Immaculate Conception. Ditto, The Resurrection. That walking on water bit also awaits scientific confirmation. Beyond all that, the Pope might consider that his gay baiting empowers gay bashers: this very week, a gay priest was set upon in England by a troglodyte with a baseball bat.

Then in his World Aids Day address, “Benny” Ratzinger mixed stern warnings against the alleged evil of condoms with language implying that homosexuals are responsible for the spread of HIV (though world-wide, many more hets are infected than gays). We’d like to know which is responsible for more infections around the globe; homosexuality, or lack of condoms and knowledge about them. The Pope is an irresponsible bigot, masquerading as a leader and kept in his position of privilege and power by the backwards, narrow-minded hordes who buy that crock about him being infallible. Nonetheless, Queerty would be thrilled to the straps on our thongs to have him as a reader.