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  • topsnap

    Our great “democracy” and its noble and just allies around the world continually astound me.

  • DR

    Saudi Arabia has never been known as a bastion of gay rights…. We can’t even get it right in our own country, you want the US to intercede in this?

  • topsnap

    If the US actually had principles instead of only bottom lines….but not interceding, just recognizing the boundaries more clearly btwn right and wrong

  • Jaroslaw

    Must be nice they have no other crime(s) and enough jail space to punish this!

  • scott ny'er

    damn. don’t move to Saudi Arabia.

  • Michael W.

    That’s not so bad. 1,000 lashes, please. I love to get spanked, I could take 1,000 lashes in my sleep.

    And $1,335? Who doesn’t have that in the bank? If you can’t cut a check for that, you need to get your shit together.

    The year in prison might be the most difficult, but as long as he hits the weights and bulks up, he should be alright. At least when he gets out he’ll have a nice muscular body and new self defense skills. When Allah closes a door, he opens a window.

  • ben doverr

    Little Mikey, if you find that open window first, please do us all a favor and jump through it.

  • terrwill

    This guy is as good as dead………these fundamentalist muslim subhuman scumbags treatment of anyone Gay is reprehensive…..

    In Iran a few years back two Gay teens were sentenced to lashings same as this guy. The body can only sustain max of 50 lashes per session because the flesh and muscle are literaly ripped from the body.So the cycle of torture goes on for months…and consider they are not sent to a hospital bed to “recover” it is a filthy prison cell. The two Gay teens were about finished with their punishment and suddenly “new charges” were filed accusing them of child molestation. Interesing because they were 14 and 16 when arrested. After another “trial” they were sentenced to die by hanging. The “compassionate” way to hang a person is to place them atop a trap door with the noose around their neck then open the trap, the body falls and the neck is snapped. Immediate death results. These kids were placed upon a flat bed truck which then drove away slowly ensuring a slow torturous death by suffocation. In front of a cheering mob of thousands…….

    If you haven’t had a meal yet and want to see some of the most reprehensive displays of what subhuman savage scumbags did to these two teens check this link out:

    And the next person who posts that I am “racist” for calling these islamic savage scumbags what they are can go fcuk themselves…….

  • Wyatt

    As a homogay who has lived and lives part-time in the Saudi of Arabia, I’m just gonna say that you’re all throwing this WAY out of proportion. He’s not as good as dead, and he’s got a terrifically low bail set for his sentence, so do not fear, he’s gonna be fine. Remember that the Riyal isn’t the strongest of currencies, and that his bail is not gonna set him back more than a month’s pay.

    I think they really just wanted to get him for the whole “gun wavy impersonating an officer” thing that’s ALSO illegal to do here in the US.

    It turns out that 90% of arabs in SA are cool and don’t actually give a shit about homos.

  • EWE

    In the meantime the corrupt leaders around the world go over there and hold their hands. Double Standard. Anyone who knows anything about closet sex knows that in order for straight guys to feel entitled and able to live dangerously, they have to keep the homosexual sex they have with one another a secret. Some idiots on a completely different level right here in this country tout it as being on the “down low”. I call it for what it is…. THEY LIKE SUCKING COCK!

  • dvlaries

    If the guy doing the lashing gets an erection, is he a criminal too…?

  • terrwill

    “so do not fear, he’s gonna be fine” How fine would you be after 1,000 lashes????

  • Ogre Magi

    @terrwill: Yes perhaps Wyatt could explain that.

  • EWE

    And all i can think of when i watch that video if what if he was trans? How would the Saudi government had handled that? This is DIABOLICAL.

  • B

    No. 13 · Ogre Magi wrote, “@terrwill: Yes perhaps Wyatt could explain that.” …. he claims to have lived there. Let’s see if he can provide an explanation of how 1000 lashes are avoided.

    No. 4 · Jaroslaw wrote, “Must be nice they have no other crime(s) and enough jail space to punish this!” … they don’t keep criminals such as thieves in jail very long because they are known to end up leaving jail missing a hand. They don’t have a lot of thieves either – for obvious reasons.

    No. 3 · topsnap wrote, “If the US actually had principles instead of only bottom lines…” Or, if we raise our fuel efficiency sufficiently or finally get practical and affordable electric cars, we’ll be far more willing to criticize Saudi Arabia for its human rights abuses. All those SUVs are holding us hostage.

  • Totakikay

    ISLAMIC EXTREMIST ideology at its finest, pah! I read the story about the two Gay Middle Eastern teens a few years ago, and now this?

    I currently live (and grew up) in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. There is a predominant Muslim-Middle Eastern community in my city where I am. Let me tell you guys something: During my high school years, over 50% of the time most of my anti-gay bullies were Muslim teenage guys. For example, one of them called me a “fag” while smiling snidely and another guy that would sexually harass me. Another thing, I had a best friend who is a deeply-religious Muslim. We were good friends for several years until one day (after a personal argument I had with him, I won’t state details) he sent me two long emails (won’t state details) about his very negative beliefs about my sexual orientation, heh! I ENDED MY FRIENDSHIP WITH HIM because of that. He tried to continue my friendship with him but I resisted.

    And the FACT that most people in my community are Liberal-leaning, Democratic voters (For Christ sakes, my City Council is unanimously Democrat) they might call me “racist” and “Islamophobic” if I told them that I merely disagreed with some Muslim beliefs. REALLY!? Yeah, anyways.

  • Doiminick

    “F****” is a term of contempt and debasement. We are gay, not f***, and some of us may act gay (adv) at times.

    There’s no removing the ugliness of the word by using it with sarcasm. It’s use in that way is meant to poke fun at and declare as absurd those who would use the word(s) with their hateful meaning. However, it doesn’t change their using it, and it also offends , rightly, those who regard the word as obscene, like our mothers, for instance.

    Let’s stop using the word. Let’s look forward to a day when it no longer is used. Let’s think of how we can have an “anti-defamation league” to push back on those who would use the word to hold us in contempt. We are not contemptible.

  • EWE

    @Doiminick: Oh please, god forbid we ever come to the point where we have to refer to faggot or queer as the f word or the q word the way society is forbidden to use the n word instead of nigger. Meanwhile handguns are legal, education sucks, we live in an increasingly military state and the masses have no money or power. Get over it. I happen to like those words.

  • Ogre Magi


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