The Woman We Have To Thank For Jake

Naomi & Jake Gyllenhaal

What kind of mom sets forth from her womb the uber-hotness that is Jake Gyllenhaal? Naomi Foner-Gyllenhall, that’s who, and a profile in the LA Times delves deep into the psyche of the screenwriter (Running on Empty, Bee Season) and, more importantly, mommy to Jake. Mother Jake talks about letting go:

“But then I realized that Maggie knew more than I did,” she says. “I saw the movie(Secretary) and I realized she had turned it into a film about the woman’s power – this was what she chose and so it was empowering.”

When Jake dropped out of Columbia University after two years, she wasn’t thrilled either. “But the idea of a parent is to let them be who they are.”

We like Miss Naomi and we definitely think we’ll help her on her quest to let Jake be who he is. As long as the “who” is a “gay movie star.” Regardless, the article gives some interesting insight into the young years or Jake’s upbringing that might come in useful when you run into him at a bar. We’re sure he would appreciate us more if we talk up his mom.

The kids are all right, and so is their mom [LA Times]