This Is Anderson Cooper Being Attacked By Egyptians

We already saw Anderson Cooper describe the assault he and his CNN crew suffered by pro-Mubarak demonstrators, but he also had his Flip cam turned on to capture their escape. He says “the Egyptian soldiers are doing nothing” to protect them. Oh Anderson, why do you make Ben Maisani worry like this?

Maybe he can meet up with porn star Chris Rockaway!

The raw footage:

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  • Harbo

    Can we please lay off Anderson Cooper? He’s a guy doing a job — a dangerous job — and he’s doing it well. He’s had the good manners to keep his mouth shut while his sexuality is questioned and his credentials as a reporter joked about. But he’s good and he has balls. Get off his back.

  • NY152

    @Harbo: I totally agree with you! What is it with everybody giving Anderson grief?!? So he’s not out publicly, big deal. He has a job that requires him to travel globally and enter areas that aren’t so homo friendly. If he is rejected entrance, then he can’t bring us the news. I honestly respect his neutral position. It’s refreshing not really knowing… along with Harbo – Give it a rest already – let Anderson do what he does best – report the real news!

  • JohnnyTrue

    I agree a thousand times – how can you folks belittle and mock him – especially right at this time?? This was a terrifying episode, please have some respect for him and yourselves!!

  • Biff

    There is a special hatred within humanity reserved for journalists and the media. I know, being a news cameraman myself. Watching the video of Anderson, I think about what it took for the cameraman to keep rolling, protect his gear and his life and probably Anderson’s life too. There is a degree of insanity to remain in such violent situations, committed to getting the real story out to the world. Yet it feels like a mission in the moment, and if you die, you’ll join the ranks of journalists assaulted and murdered so they can kill the messenger.

    Glad you guys made it out safely!

    But I think it’s stupid when you stand out in the friggin’ hurricanes, Anderson. In those moments, I have not pity for you if you get picked of by the street sign that blows by.

  • Lee

    I can’t imagine how scary and tense it had to be for Anderson and his team as they tried to walk through the angry crowd and it was hard to watch and hear AC getting kicked and punched – AC said tonight that what happened to him is not really important considering the overall turmoil in Cairo, but I still admire his tenacity and strong desire to get in the action to bring the story to viewers. I know how AC’s derided for being “closeted”, but I see him as kind of a badass when it comes to real reporting.

  • declanto

    When it comes to serious journalism, Queerty has a few eons left to catch up with a respected guy like AC. Your flippant “Oh, Anderson!” commentary is totally inappropriate and merely illustrates the vast gulf separating your “silly” reportage and AC’s cool-under-fire footage.

  • Todd

    @Harbo: Yes
    Thank you.
    Agree totally.

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