TN’s New And Improved “Don’t Say Gay” Bill Requires Teachers To Out Students To Parents

stacey-campfieldTennessee state senator Stacey Campfield has reintroduced his idiotic “Don’t Say Gay” bill with a new provision that would require teachers and counselors to tell parents if their kids are gay.

In its original form, the bill prohibited the discussion of homosexuality, particularly during sex-ed classes, between kindergarten and the eighth grade. While it passed the state senate, the bill died in the house after lawmakers realized there were no sex-ed classes until after the eighth grade.

The Tennessee public school system: hard at work.

But Campfield (right) has rebounded with a new and improved bill, SB0234, that builds on “Don’t Say Gay” with “If You Gay, I Tell Parents.” The bill “would not prohibit”:

A school counselor, nurse, principal or assistant principal from counseling a student who is engaging in, or who may be at risk of engaging in, behavior injurious to the physical or mental health and well-being of the student or another person; provided, that wherever possible such counseling shall be done in consultation with the student’s parents or legal guardians. Parents or legal guardians of students who receive such counseling shall be notified as soon as practicable that such counseling has occurred.

Campfield just doesn’t know when to quit, much like he just doesn’t know to shut the hell up: After a rash of gay-teen suicides as a result of bullying, Campfield claimed, “That bullying thing is the biggest lark out there.”

Well, not the biggest. The fact that he became an elected official is pretty gosh darn lark-y.

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