Hostile Environment

Trans Whole Foods Employee Referred To As “It” Files Discrimination Lawsuit


A transgender former Whole Foods employee has filed a discrimination lawsuit against the popular grocery chain in Manhattan.

21-year-old Victor King claims he was subjected to mistreatment, retaliation and slurs at the Chelsea location in New York City.

From Gothamist:

“…shortly after he began work, his coworkers allegedly began to refer to him as “she,” “her,” or “it”; in one instance described in the suit, his coworker Pria Minickchen told a customer to “give it to he/she/it/whatever it is.” A customer service supervisor named Quadry Scott allegedly told him that “I know you’re not a guy, I am not going to refer to you as a guy,” and King’s Team Leader laughed at that comment, which made King feel like he couldn’t bring his concerns to him, according to court papers.

After months of this behavior and repeated reports to management, King was offered only a position at another Whole Foods for his trouble, which he declined.

The supermarket chain responded with a statement that read:

“As a company, we have long celebrated diversity and acceptance and have zero tolerance for discrimination. Our diverse and inclusive culture is reflected in our team member base, including our leadership, as well as in community partnerships here in New York City.”

Doesn’t sound like an inclusive situation to us, but it looks like it’s time for the courts to handle that. Watch the story via wochit News below.