Triple Creme


Punk dyke rock. That’s Triple Crème. They’re four queercore rockers with a Breeders-like sound who all sort of resemble Billy Joe Armstrong. Women we love listening to and who we’re surprisingly slightly attracted to. Who would’ve thought? Time Out New York agrees with us:

The four lovely ladies (and we mean “lovely” in a kick-ass, edgy way, we swear) of Triple Creme pull off variations of hook-filled punk riffage.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. But let’s not forget their kick-ass lyrics, too. They trash both Gucci and Sergio Valente in their awesome track “Team Queen,” and we still can’t hate them.

Their new CD is titled This Might Hurt. Tomorrow’s album release party is at Dynasty Handbag in NYC and includes MC great Katastrophe. For more info drop by