Two Separate Gay Killers Get Sentenced

Jorge Soto Vega may feel safer in the United States, but that doesn’t mean he is safer. Consider this: two men have been sentenced to prison for two separate gay murders. The first concerns a Seattle business man named Kevin Shaw. A judge has ruled that 24-year old Michael Maiava did, in fact, murder Shaw and should be imprisoned for 48-years. In her ruling, Judge Theresa Doyle said:

The crime here was an unprovoked, cruel, completely in this court’s opinion, senseless murder of a man who by all accounts was really a lovely person.

Maiava originally claimed he didn’t kill Shaw, but then changed tracks and said Shaw attacked him, leaving him no other choice than to stab Shaw with an ice pick. Right…

Meanwhile, in Colorado, Jason Fiske has been sentenced to 22-years behind bars for his role in the 2005 killing of another gay Kevin: Kevin Hale. It seems Fiske and his friend Adam Hernandez met Hale at a bar and took offense to Hale’s homo-advances. Naturally they had to defend their hetero-honor by taking Hale to a park and strangling him.

Hernandez pleaded guilty to manslaughter and theft last year and got thrown in the slammer for eight years. For his part, Fiske copped a deal and pleaded guilty to manslaughter, for which he got twelve years – the extra ten come from a robbery charge.

And people wonder why we don’t leave our homes…