Tyra Banks Channels Mark Foley

We’re ashamed to admit this, but we figure we’re all friends, so we can trust you. Right? Well, we like to think so. Anyway, we really like The Tyra Banks Show (See Tyra looking crazy?). Yeah, she puts words in people’s mouths and her sincerity often drops into the double negatives, but that only makes it all the more infuriatingly entertaining.
We’re nowhere near religious viewers, of course, as we spend most of our time hunched over a computer or running around trying to satisfy your bottomless appetite for all things gay, so we didn’t see last weeks episode with child stars until last night. Among the illustrious guests were Ian Zaring (looking far more attractive than he ever did on 90210), Jaimee Foxworth, the long-lost sister from Family Matters who ended up doing porn under the name “Crave”, and – the guest who concerns his particular post – Jonathan Lipnicki (pictured), the kid from Jerry Maguire.

A hard-hitting journalist to be sure, Banks delved straight into Lipnicki’s adolescent sex life. As she got more into it, Ms. Tyra couldn’t stop gushing about how she thought Lipnicki a sexy hunk. (Yes, she literally used those words, just not in that particular phrase.) Um…this bitch must have the worst timing in history. Hello, Mark Foley!

We suspect more than a few of you out there enjoy Banks and her mind-numbing talk show as much as we do, so we implore you: get us the video! We’ve scoured You Tube to no avail. Maybe we just don’t have the right wordage. No matter, you’re probably not too busy, so find it for us and earn our undying love.