U Of Tenn Pulls Funding From Sex-Ed Week After Anti-Gay Senator Threatens School’s Budget

stacey campfieldRemember Stacey Campfield, the Republican state senator from Tennessee who is pushing the state’s “don’t say gay” bill?

He’s also the former Queerty Douche of the Week who proclaimed it’s “virtually impossible” to get HIV through heterosexual sex, told straight allies to see a therapist, and said that being gay is like “shooting heroin.”

Well everyone’s least favorite ginger is back in the news: Pressure from Campfield led to the University of Tennessee to announce it wouldn’t use any funding from the state for its upcoming Sex Week, a six-day series addressing various aspects of sexual health and expression.

After Fox News radio host Todd Starnes told listeners UT was spending $20,000 “to host a lesbian bondage expert,” Campfield got his undies in a bunch and threatened to reconsider the school’s budget.  (The so-called “bondage expert,” Sinclair Sexsmith, was actually going to conduct a seminar on poetry about sexuality.)

Campfield claimed the events were inappropriate and had nothing to do with health and safety. “What are these issues so important for? This is not something that the parents sent their kids to school to learn, this is not even close, we have some serious issues going on at the University of Tennessee.”

On Wednesday, UT Chancellor James Cheek said he supported the students involved but that state funds shouldn’t be used “in this manner”

Sex Week organizer Brianna Rader said she felt “blindsided”: “People are getting upset about college kids talking about sex education?” asked Rader. “This sounds made up. This sounds like we’re in a movie. It was a cowardly move, and I’m disappointed in them.”

She plans to go ahead with the program and has circulated a petition to get funding reinstated.

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  • Gigi Gee

    I really wish that HELL existed because if it did I’d be praying there’d be a special space there reserved for Stacey Campfield. What a despicable person he is.

  • Dakotahgeo

    Another anti-gay, anti-sex unhappy republican who doesn’t get enough from his wife so he takes it out on everyone else. Where’s the Orkin Man when you need an exterminator?? I hope the funding is restored and Campy Campfart has a few mini-strokes over it.

  • Dakotahgeo

    @mpeden: Thank you for the info. It doesn’t surprise me! Another bathroom toe tapper in training.

  • rand503

    [email protected]mpeden: Then he’s a self-admitted virgin, right? Surely no sex outside of marriage for him?

  • ait10101

    So, is Campfield in contention for douche of the year?

  • Polaro

    Is it me, or does this guy look just hot enough to be another closet case?

  • Taurox

    Read this on another site
    “Anonymous said…
    So here’s a thought- being raised by a pedophile has left Mr. Campfield very confused. Don’t believe it?
    Go to: and search for Dale Campfield in Apalachin, NY.

    That’s another thing- how does this “southerner” fail to even mention that he was born and raised in upstate NY? His dad ran the local racetrack – when he was busted the first time (pictures as I recall), Stacey and his sister, Kelly, moved to the next district over (Vestal), and then apparently at some point to the south. It’s okay to be a flaming bigot, and it’s okay to be gay, but for Christ’s sake- stop pretending you’re the opposite of what you are!”

  • tardis

    l wonder why these people care so much. I’m pretty sure he’s got some skeletons in his closet.

  • Andrew

    I remember when you went to Uni to learn (even about sex) – not any more?


    According to this guy, it is “‘virtually impossible’ to get HIV through heterosexual sex, told straight allies to see a therapist, and said that being gay is like ‘shooting heroin.'” That is one of the most idiotic things that I have heard. The brilliant minds of moral conservatives never cease to amaze me…

  • Jorval

    I went to high school with Stacey and know his parents. His Mother was a PE teacher and Stacey was a bit of an a$$hole – would start stuff and run to his Mother’s office. I also know at least three guys he was messing around with – and we’re not talking some heavy petting here – he was doing stuff that porn stars get paid big bucks for back then.

    I’m really surprised that several of the skeletons from his past haven’t surfaced yet.

  • Billysees 11

    “The brilliant minds of moral conservatives never cease to amaze me…”

    I’d say the same thing too.

  • miniskull

    @Jorval: I know, right? You’d think a homophobia like him at least has a wife and some kids by now to cover his shit. But no, he’s not even fucking married. I think this POS is too paranoid about blowing his real sexuality so he’s probably only staying home and watching gay porn. If only those guys who have fucked him would come out and point their fingers at him.

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