VIDEOS: A Roundup of 2013’s Best It Gets Better Videos

betterWell, 2014 is off and running, and the It Gets Better Project is still plugging along.

It seems like every organization that could possibly make one of these videos has, at this point; but somehow they just keep on coming. And of course, plenty of individuals are still telling their stories into the camera, too.

If you’re a young gay kid, isolated in some small town or cruel family, you certainly won’t have trouble finding hours and hours of testimonials from people like you to watch. And that’s a pretty amazing accomplishment — think about where we were, just a couple years ago, when everyday role models were a lot harder for isolated kids to find. High-five, everyone!



Elon University put on a show for the It Gets Better project. Yay!



The New Zealand Defense Force produced this one. From the description: “OverWatch is a group that provides support and guidance to the NZ Defence Force’s GLBTI community — as well as to their commanders and managers, families, friends and colleagues. OverWatch is a visible, vocal and valued part of our Defence Force — taking part in many public events that challenge stereotypes, promote the NZ Defence Force as an equitable employer and send a positive message to personnel who may feel the need for visible role models.”


Here’s an It “Get’s” Better video from the University of San Antonio. We assume the English department wasn’t involved with the title.



Teenagers talking to a camera somehow manage to accrue tens of thousands of followers in this strange world. Here is “nickalaws,” and he is internet-famous.



Not all Catholics freak out at gay people! Here are some supportive religious folks. It’s not really our thing, but it’s nice to know they’ve got our backs.



How is it that AFLAC made an IGB video that doesn’t feature any ducks?




You will probably have a strong opinion about this person’s video.



Two hunks in a mountain! They could be reading the phone book and we’d still link to them, but having a compelling story to tell is a total bonus.



Hmm, let’s see, are there any other major corporations that haven’t done one of these videos yet? Ah yes AT&T. Okay! Now about that whole net neutrality thing…



Here’s Senator Chris Coons marking the end of DOMA by pointing out that it just got better.



We could just put this adorable video of Scottish police on a loop and watch it all day long.



John Corvino is a big hero of ours: writer, speaker, philosopher, professor, he is just one of those brilliant thinkers who is endlessly fascinating to listen to. Nerd crush!



It may shock you to learn that the company behind Earring Magic Ken is LGBT-friendly.



The EPA wants to make an IGB video? Sure, why not.



And finally, here’s Dan Savage talking one year ago about the success of the project. Here’s to many more years of progress.