WATCH: A New Episode Of The Outs Takes Us Back To Brooklyn

The Internet is a fabulous place to hate on things: from snarky tweets to anonymous comments, there’s plenty of humor to be crafted in insults. So whenever there’s something that I actually like, there’s a slice of my brain that thinks that I’m doing something wrong.

For the moment, however, I’m ignoring that feeling and loving The Outs.

I covered them before, and now they’ve launched their third episode (above). Safe to say, I’m not anywhere near over this series.

“It’s the first installment we’ve done where you really hit the ground running,” says creator Adam Goldman, who also plays the character Mitchell. I continue to love his friendship with Oona (co-writer Sasha Winters), who is still wonderfully ridiculous.

Her explanation for what happened to her ill-fated novel: “I edited so well that it’s gone.”

The highpoint of this episode happens to be the low point, coming from an exchange between Jack (Hunter Canning) and Scruffy (Tommy Heleringer). Jack has a heavy heart, and I love watching him wrestle with it. He leads this conversation as it jerks and spirals and finally smacks you with life-affirming realness.

Then, we’re done. Fade to black. Cue the music. Buh-bye.


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Jason Sweeten is contributing writer for Queerty. He also tweets for hugs.