WATCH: Dreamy David Beckham Seduces Women And Men While Shilling Burger King Smoothie

Of late, Fast-food joints have been soliciting endorsements from pro athletes. Burger King got David Beckham for an ad for its copy of the McDonald’s “healthy” smoothie craze, which seized the nation last year; Subway has recruited athletes like basketballer Blake Griffin, football player Robert Griffin III and Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps.

In the above ad, Beckham orders a “strawb’rry ba-naaah-na smoothie” from a BK cashier, who, dazzled by his manly charms, is struck speechless. Her male manager snaps her out of it, but then too falls prey to the British ball-bender’s golden aura.

Beckham: turning straight older dudes bi!

And Burger King: playing the “it’s-funny-for-straight-dudes-to-have-a-gay-moment” card way better than Subway.