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WATCH: Enter the weird wide world of pretty-boy Instagram ‘influencers’

A new Hulu documentary takes a deep dive into the monetization of cuteness, focusing on a Tennessee teen’s brushup with online celebrity, likes, and opportunity.

“Jawline” follows two subjects: Austyn Tester, “who built his following on wide-eyed optimism and teen girl lust as he tries to escape a dead-end life”, and Michael Weist, a keen 21-year-old gay social media manager from LA.

Liza Mandelup, who made the film, spoke to NNN about the strange and troubling dynamics at play:

People go [online] to find a community because they feel rejected in life and suicidal. There’s no way that can be a negative thing, but being out of touch with reality and losing touch with real-life friends, that’s not very good.

The whole interview is worth a read, and you can watch the trailer below: