WATCH: Finally, A Teen Wolf Clip With Plenty Of Slash-y Goodness!

Sunday night is Nickelodeon Fox’s Teen Choice Awards. (Like you didn’t already have it set on your DVR.) To encourage a little last-minute voting for Teen Wolf to win “Choice Summer TV Show,” Derek and Stiles themselves—Tyler Hoechlin and Dylan O’Brien—recorded this extra cuddly video clip.

Even if you’re not a “Sterek” nut (or is that “Diles”?), who doesn’t appreciate a fine bromance come to life?

The 2012 Teen Choice Awards, hosted by Demi Lovato and Kevin McHale, air July 22 at 8pm on Fox.

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  • jesaves

    DAMNIT why must you two torture me with this

  • Chris

    Wow that kid has huge feet, Sexy

  • MrSwearword

    They’re so cute together. Eeven if they don’t pork each other, they are “adorbs”.

  • MrSwearword

    Whoops…meant “Even”.

  • Gauthier


  • Steve-O

    Teen Wolf is the biggest gay tease show on TV! Love!

  • Ruddigore

    This just makes Colton Haynes look even douchier. While Colton was alienating his gay fans by trying (unsuccessfully)to scrub the internet of his past gay photoshoot, Dylan and Tyler are working on building their gay fanbase. Team Sterek all the way!

  • Analog

    @Ruddigore: I’m not disagreeing, but… aww, I can’t think of Colton as a douche. She’s too hot. :'(

  • Giovannidude

    You are correct Analog. And those scenes of Colton in bed with his shirt off are hot.

  • JohnnyBoy

    Awe. I love Stiles. He’s the only character on the show that hasn’t gotten on my nerves yet.

  • JTli

    Mixed feelings; I can’t help but think this is a bit more insulting than it is complimentary. Dylan dons a slightly nasal/fem voice once he starts getting physical with Tyler, who is all but indifferent to having Dylan sprawled across him, until the bit at the very end. Their “kiss” is on the finger, because that’s as close as they can bring themselves to a real kiss, or is it really meant to be cutesy? Much as I wanted it to be sincere, I can’t help the gut-level feeling that it’s more mocking or in jest, with us as the circumstance for the joke.

    Colton Haynes may have tried to get rid of some pictures (or perhaps his PR people did) but he IS out, and making no bones about it, nor is he acting like a stereotype. He carries himself with the masculinity that is natural to him, absent of the affectations Dylan put on.

    I like Dylan. He’s adorable. Tyler is sexy as hell, of course. And Colton is probably the most physically perfect human being I’ve ever seen. The show is enjoyable enough. I’m not a Hater… but I do think it’s time we stopped being thrilled every time someone indulges a same-gender moment and started paying attention to whether or not that moment is truly complimentary or just another jab at our expense.

  • D9W

    Aren’t they soooo cute… Just like back when XY was around…
    It just makes you want to sit up and bark. Woof!

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