WATCH: Poor Straight Girls Now Getting Guff From Lesbians

First we published a satirical slam against straight girls who think they’re the belle of the ball at the gay bars. Then we teased brides-to-be for having their bachelorette parties at queer watering holes when we can’t get married. Now, just to hit the straight-bashing trifecta, we’re posting this Funny or Die rant against straight folks who come to dyke bars and act skeeved out when they see same-sex couples on the dance floor. (Sent to us by Queerty reader Ben, the video has no date, so it might be a little “vintage.”)
Part of FoD’s Project: Rant, the clip seems a little more angry than funny, but we can appreciate Jennymarie Jemison’s frustration at chicks who can’t imagine why a woman would hit on them at some place called Sappho’s or the Bearded Clam.
As for the straight guys there who think its okay to pinch a girl’s ass? Well, with all these hetero women apparently flocking to the gay bars, can you blame them?