WATCH: Trailer For Biopic Starring Helena Bonham Carter As Elizabeth Taylor

With Lindsay Lohan ‘s ill-fated Lifetime flick Liz & Dick still burnished in memories of Elizabeth Taylor fans, many are skeptical about BBC’s upcoming look at a difficult period in the life of the late, beloved star. But what do you know? Helena Bonham Carter, not exactly a dead ringer for the stunning Taylor, whom some consider the most beautiful actress of all time, kind of pulls it off — at least in the trailer for Burton and Taylor.

The drama examines the fabled duo of La Liz and Richard Burton (played by The Wire‘s Dominic West), as they starred in a Broadway production of  Private Lives in 1983. The casting of twice-married and divorced couple in Noel Coward’s comedy about a divorced couple running into each other in France while honeymooning with their new spouses played on the public’s fascination with the duo’s own fabled relationship. It came at a low point for both stars: Taylor’s addictions would soon require a well-publicized stint at the Betty Ford Center and Burton’s long battle with alcoholism would help bring about his death a year later.

It’s not yet been announced when the film will be broadcast in the U.K. or the U.S.