We’re Sorry


We got a stern lecture from a friend of Queerty about how we have been bad about keeping The Gays informed about further Madonna happenings. Well, you’re in luck. We have the scoop on the new Madonna video and it sounds like a classic. Hello, Xanadu!

The letter below is from someone currently working on the video for the new single, “Sorry.” We’ve obviously made no edits.

I’ve made it! I’ve made it! I just woke up up, we finished shooting the 1st day of shooting yesterday, I slept for 3 hours only coz we start again today at 8am this morning.

It was so surreal, like a roller disco dream. Can you believe M was at my roller disco?!!!! Details: she was gorgeous in her white leotard with shiny silver strass, silver elbow pads, a corrida corset that reminded me of the Vogue outfit in GS, and the ‘M’ letter pendant…anyway she skates amazingly (she’s only been skating for a week!!! everyone’s doing absolutely great on skates (Cloud dress in green, green hat, green old school skates, low waist dark blue babby, Hypnosis, Mirhan, Sofia, etc…) She basically does all these dance routines, like when she rolls right between the legs of this guy (Fred the master choreographer). Its very Xanadu style, you were right guys, like when she spins around on this platform… Very 70s with a nowadays touch… plenty of disco baals on the ceilings… I talked to her 4 times (i cannot believe how i managed i was shaking everywhere) the 1st time when she was rehearsing, I went rolling passed her and went ‘you’re doing great, madonna’, she said ‘thank you!’ then once approached her and told her that ‘it was awesome she did this, but wasn’t it dangerous with her health condition, plus you’ve been skating for just a week’ she confirmed, said ‘yep only a week!’ then i told her ‘well done m’ and i even helped her getting up after she fell over, she was basically holding this like child’s hand and when he fell she fell too, but no damage, she was all smiling and stuff, I approached her and hold her arm, to help her get up!!!!! Last night i couldn’t sleep, for the excitement, today we’re filming other shooting plans.

GUYS THE VIDEO’S GONNA BE AMAZING. you’ll be IMPRESSED, Madonna skates so well, like when this really tall guy holds her and she spins over his head!!! Lola was even skating, she had this cute glitter red hat and green trousers, she was sooooo cute, I chatted for a while with her in French, that she speaks perfectly!

At one point, you’ll see Cloud and Mirhan jumping from the DJ ramp onto the dancefloor, they had sooo many takes for that, but pulled it off amazingly! I hope i’ll have good shots, I’m wearing a black velvet shorts, a vintage sport shirt number 22, and funky shades IT WAS A FANTASTIC DAY! You’re gonna love it! Madonna was so beautiful! I’m sooooo happy OMG, I still cannot believe
it! I’m soooo high on Madonna!

Well it is good to know that the old broad is limber on roller-skates and that she still supports charity. After all, who else but Madonna would employ the illiterate, former roller-skating champs of the world?

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